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What should we talk about in the next podcast?

Asked by andrew (16353points) June 28th, 2008

Yes, we’re together again once more (this time in superior sunny LA). So… what is the collective aching to know? Answer quickly before Ben leaves for the airport!

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Where do you see fluther in a year from now?

What about a video podcast?

What is your opinion on all the recent discussion on what kind of questions are acceptable and which ones should the mods remove?

What are your favorite websites apart from Fluther? (this might/might not have already been answered in last podcast…i forget)

If a tree fell on a mime in the middle of a forest, would you hear the mime scream?

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Without revealing trade secrets, are there any plans to integrate, or otherwise tie-in, Fluther to other sites?

For example, sync a user’s Facebook/Twitter/Pownce/Plurk/whatever status whenever a Q or A is posted here? Or perhaps a simpler way to share pictures relevant to Fluther?

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Is fluther getting acquired by any big corporation ?

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What’s the coolest thing Ben and Andrew have learned since setting up Fluther?

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Well obviously the podcast should be about me.

But I suppose if that doesn’t happen, the thing I’d be most interested about hearing about would be the future, future plans, where fluther’s going, etc.

But seriously though, me

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Any new and interesting features coming to Fluther?

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Any plans for an annual Fluther Gathering music festival and/or talent show?

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Did you imagine Fluther would be as big as it is today?

What did you have for dinner last night?

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Upcoming interface changes. Tell us whether there’ll be a native iPhone app or not. Possibility of comments within comments in the near future (or not). That kinda silliness. I think a lot of us would be interested in what we have to look forward to.

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How much time do you (whenever I say “you”, i mean both of you of course) spend on Fluther in a day? Not necessarily fluthering, but just checking up on stuff/maintenance etc.

Which one (between you two) should I sue for making a very addictive site and thus making me spend copious amounts of time here?

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Do you have some sort of demographic breakdown of Fluther users?

> by browser (Firefox, Mobile Safari, etc.)
> by country (either IP address and/or “Places I’ve Lived”), time zone
> by “Fields of Expertise”

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Similar to what brownlemur suggested, have you ever thought about showcasing some of fluther’s talents? Not necessarily in a gathering, but on the site perhaps (and yes, one reason is I’d be somewhat geographically challenged to attend a gathering). A bit a la the wallpapers and uberbatman’s creature, but have a dedicated space for all things fluther-related.

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Any new up and coming features/changes?

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I think it would be fun to have regular a regular contest like the fluther wallpaper or fluther/weezer lyrics announced in a podcast with results discussed in the next podcast.

Hmm, although that may be more of what the blog does. What are the boundaries between what is blog-worthy and what is podcast-worthy?

P.S. API update?

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Talk about my beautiful baby girl!

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^^The first child to be brought up in the fluther lifestyle^^

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See some pics here!

What is up with the Fluther crack beta testing?

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WIll Fluther itself move toward more statistics: on types of questions, topics, user profile terms, etc. or will that all be left up to API?

What features have you considered and ruled out and why?

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Where’s Hossman?
Did Segdeha die?

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Will Dodge Crockett ever deliver that final pizza?

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@Eambos: I beg to differ. My five year old would love a Fluther tee. He also says that if I don’t get off of Fluther (when he needs attention, which is all the time, BTW), he’s going to turn the computer off on me! LOL! He also wanted me to ask the question about Wall•E.

re: Fluther podcast: I would like to know where the site is going and what changes are under way to improve the site (not that it isn’t FABULOUS already).

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@thebeadholder- How does this sound: The first child raised from birth in the fluther lifestyle.

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