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can air polution cause depression?

Asked by wkolker22 (14points) November 10th, 2006
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how long should I have to wait for a reply?. Can I leave the website and come back later to see if there is an answer?
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I think the sight of it can depress ppl, as most ppl tend to like cheery, clear days. And then pollution's affect on our health and respiratory tract...anything that ill affects our health lowers our psychological level too. :)
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your question is depressing in itself.
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if you got asthma attacks regularly, would you be depressed?
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from a traditional chinese medicine perspective, the emotion associated with the lungs is grief. air pollution does directly effect the lungs so there is an interesting correlation between the two.
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Consider depression as a mood versus a clinical condition. Air pollution, poverty, injustice, out of tune guitars can all be depressing (qua mood). The question is can they trigger a clinical depressive state? Absolutely, if the individual is sufficiently stressed by air pollution and preternaturally inclined to depression.

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