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Should this elephant have been put down?

Asked by flutherother (27094points) January 14th, 2014

The elephant tipped over a car in Kruger National Park. See the footage here. Do you think the elephant should have been killed because of this?

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No, he was just being an elephant. That car was way too close. I have been to Kruger National Park, and you should never, ever, ever get that close to an elephant. These elephants aren’t zoo or circus animals. They are wild!

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From the sound of it, the elephant’s T-levels were high and that made him more aggressive.

Which poses an interesting question here in the US, where there is a huge industry that sells pills to increase men’s testosterone. Should we kill aggressive men, too?

The real answer to the question is that we know nothing of the elephant’s past history and whether he had been aggressive in the past.

Too little information to make an judgment.

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NO! I get really upset when people fault animals for animal-like behavior. I volunteered at the zoo and our primary goal was to keep them happy and ourselves safe. Even to bathe an elephant they have to be chained by one foot in case they get amped up or spooked, like any other animal, and because they are so heavy. Giraffe’s, too, you can’t just run with them in a filed or anything, although it’s tempting.

On a lighter note, I fell backwards into a huge pick up full of elephant doody once! :)

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Someone should have just called the Fullerton, CA, Police Department. They got a coupla guys can handle this sorta thing okay.

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From the video, I can even see the elephant giving the car plenty of warning before attacking. I guess the driver of the car didn’t know how to interpret him flapping his ears and shaking his head back and forth. In the elephant’s mind, that car was being aggressive, not backing up or running away. What’s an elephant to do?

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That is a friggin’ crime. The park’s job is to protect the elephants from poachers, not to become poachers themselves.

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Reminds me of that picture where a town hanged an elephant with a crane

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This is so wrong. An animal’s job is to be an animal. A human, if they want to observe an animal, does it in a way safe for the animal and the human. These idiots got so close to the animal that he could reach out and touch them if he wanted to. They got what they deserved. The animal got hosed.

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I find myself wondering how to put down an elephant, anyway.

Your mama’s so not fat How do you finish that line?

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How can you even tell what was going on by that video? It made me dizzy.

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No. Fucking humans.

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