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Have you ever lived in an apartment, house or other that just made you sick?

Asked by LornaLove (9926points) January 14th, 2014

Perhaps the lounge got no sunlight? Or, the kitchen was cold, or the bedroom just wasn’t the right shape somehow.

The place I lived in currently is a terraced house. It leans towards being dark, it has an ugly staircase, and really creaky floors. The bathroom is the part that is the most revolting. It is carpeted for one, tiny and has no windows. The fan light makes a huge noise every time you are in there.

In a way, I suspect living in a place that is the reverse of inspiring can lead to feeling depressed or just a low mood? Have you ever moved from a ‘depressing home’ to a better home and noticed a sustained mood change for the better?

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When I first moved back ‘home’, I rented a 4 room shot-gun apartment that was completely paneled in, well, “dark”. The windows had thermal curtains.
Dark, dark, and dark.
I hated it, and was willing to give nearly anything to move!

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@ibstubro Did you move? How did the move effect you? If at all.

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We have an apartment inside an airplane hanger that is 1500 square feet and is nicely furnished. There are no windows downstairs except the French doors that look out at the airplane and upstairs has a couple of windows.
I have lived there for months at a time a few times in the last 15 years and I hate it. There is a plastics factory behind it and most of the styrofoam food containers in the world are made down the street. The airplanes don’t bother me but the pollution sure. does.
I realize that this is the dream of a lot of men, to have a small apartment and a huge garage full of toys like cars motorcycles and airplanes.

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I lived in a bug infested room at home, when I was a 12 year old kid . I would wake up and watch all the bugs creeping on me, the street lamp shinning directly into my eyes. I found that sleeping on the living room couch was much better and I watched adult shows and the tonight show with Johnny Carson, while microwaving myself a steak or ordering a bacon cheeseburger pizza from Dominos pizza with 2 liters of coke from my paper route earnings.

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Two friends and I lived in a house that was on the water of San Francisco bay. It was nice when the tide was in, but it was mud flats at low tide. And the house was dank and damp. We had a great time there the first few months, but by 9 months, it was a constant battle to fight back mold.

When our lease was up, we moved over the hill to a warmer climate, our moods improved considerably.

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When I was married, my dearly beloved ex fell in love with a place that was a dump from the word “go,” but at the time it was all we could really afford. The bedroom was adjacent to an alley and you’d have people and cars going up and down all the time, so you couldn’t open the windows. And it was infested with little black bugs which – to this day – I have no idea as to what they were. I stayed there about a week and moved elsewhere into a smaller and cheaper, but actually nicer place – she followed in a few weeks (dammit!). Just one more reason why a person should never get married while they’re in college!

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Well, when we lost our house in early 2009, we went from sharing a rickety house with a chainsmoking alcoholic who poisoned my potted vegetable garden with paint thinner, to an apartment complex that was completely infested with cockroaches (I wouldn’t turn off the light in the kitchen. Ever.), to couch-surfing with other chainsmokers for several months (my son got pneumonia that time), to our current place, which is full of mold and all sorts of other problems.

So… yeah. For the last four years or so.

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Of course, the military camp (specifically the room I stayed in)!
Always crowded, beds made of metal (I never had a good sleep at the camp because of this), always noisy (especially at night), easy to spread diseases, no personal toilet (we had to walk for miles for a toilet), always dirty (a nightmare for anyone who had to clean the room), cold as ice (no coat or blanket can help)...
I run out of words to describe it now.

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That must have been horrible!

In what country was this military camp?

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@Brian1946 in Vietnam.
But I’m not sick at all, just a little annoyed. There are still good things about it, like it can be very fun in the evening (because there are a lot of people, we can play together). The beds are quite big, so many people can sleep in one bed. And because the beds were so rough, it can sometimes be our tables too :)
One night I was the one of the people who were responsible for the noise at night though ;p

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I will have to concentrate to beat these nightmares.
I think out of all the places I’ve lived the cockroach infested apartment over a big garage would be the worst. I was twenty and newly married. It was kind of cute, really, with one bath, a dinette, kitchen, living area and bedroom. But I had never seen roaches before and when I’d go in the kitchen to wash dishes a bazillion roaches would be crawling over everything and I’d just cry in my husband’s arms. It had no heat , really. In the bedroom was the smallest propane heater imaginable and in winter when I got up to get dressed I shook all over from the cold. It’s funny looking back on it now that you had to climb a long flight of stairs to get up there but at twenty I didn’t even notice it .
No; actually the worst was the old army barracks “house” in northern Colorado one summer when I was very pregnant. We had little to eat, lots of sand storms that would blow sand and big insects between the floors and the slab? But here’s the kicker: mice in the oven. Omg; can you imagine? Eight months pregnant with mice racing over your body in bed at night? Then there was that old trailer…; I can’t choose.

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