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What do you think about food and gas costs?

Asked by Rhondia (1points) June 28th, 2008
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They’re too high…

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Democarts leave God out of the picture. Republicans have God in the picture. The USA is to be under God. when they started taking him out we fell apart. nothing more to stand on.

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^what does that have to do with gas and food prices?

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Wrong question, I assume…

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hahah oops

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Oh pupntaco!

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oh wow… **ten foot pole**

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Its all about the dollar. Blame the Federal Reserve. Return to money backed by gold. Stop government corruption and spending.

Its ironic we are celebrating Independence Day next week. I say we skip this one and start a new revolution. We are being screwed.

RIP George Carlin
He told it like it is.

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eh… Fuck the pole.

Here goes:
1. Why did you ask a question if you already had your own (scary) answer?
2. If you came here to preach, I say Bring It On. I’ll preach right back at you, and trust that I’m much more convincing.
3. Religion has NO place in politics.
4. We don’t particularly care if your god has a place in politics. This site isn’t the place to be promoting such things.

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Delirium, I think it was just a misunderstanding. She is new to fluther, and mixed up questions, and meant to answer in the other question (difference between dem and rep) I also think she doesnt understand fluther, because she’s been pming me and making no sense. She sent a pm saying “bye everyone” to me. No need to be so defensive.

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@del Pole dancing or (Fluthering) is great exercise. You go, girl!

@Rhondia Welcome to the collectiove. Perhaps you should review the Fluther Guidelines before asking a question. You may also want to observe for a while or answer to dip your toe (er, tentacle) into the water.

I am continually shocked by the steep rise in costs of food and other staples. As recently as a few months ago, my brand and size package of toilet paper (definitely a staple) was selling for $5.99. Today it was $7.49. Percentage-wise, that is an enormous increase.

(Welcoming help from math mavens for the actual calculation—I can do it, but I hate to).

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i just paid $90 in the 15 items or less lane.

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Inflation, if you look at the price of gold aswell… inflation.

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Too high for a four person family living on one income. It STINKS!

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