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Need help identifying an old stuffed animal dog. :(

Asked by Reverse (45points) January 15th, 2014

So I have this stuffed animal dog, it’s a large floppy dog, with brown ears and eyes, eye markings and tail, a black body and nose and black markings on his hind legs. He’s white on the limbs and face, and has a pink tongue that sticks out that’s soft. He’s about 2 or 3 ft in length from head to tail, his arms stick out longer and he lays flat. He used to have tags sewn onto his tail as well but those were removed long ago.

He’s a plush sort of shaggy furred dog, has typical stuffing inside and beanbags i hear rattling in his hind feet.

He’s a very special stuffed animal to me and I’ve had him all my life, I’m worried that as he and I both get older he’ll start to deteriorate so I’ve been searching for the past few years off and on for the manufacturer so I might be able to get a second one. His tags are long since gone, but I assume he was from around the 1990s era, and I /think/ my mother had bought him from Costco if that helps any.

I have a couple pictures I took when I was younger so one of them is sort of silly but you can see his face and fur texture up close.

My heart sort of leapt into my throat when I came across this guy on ebay:

But it doesn’t seem exactly the same. It’s also from Costco, but they don’t have the tag anymore, and he’s only black and white, but the fur is the same texture and the nose and tail sort of look similar I guess?

Please please please help me identify the maker/brand/if he still exists for my puppy. :’( I don’t know how many years he has left in him and I don’t want to lose him.

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If it helps there also was a large green shaggy floppy frog doll from the same manufacturer I believe at the same time we had.

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I found this tonight, it looks strikingly similar to him except the eye style, the fur is a slightly different texture it seems too. My puppy’s eyes are brown with black pupils, but the body style is the same and the nose, and tongue poking out, as well as the straight legs. Can anyone help me dig around on finding my guy maybe from this company?

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Its extremely hard to find or replace a loved stuffed animal because even if you buy one that looks exactly the same the reason you love the one you have isn’t the same for the new one. So that being said where you love your buddy so much I can help put your mind at a bit of ease, I have a stuffed bear whom I have had since before I was born. It was my brothers bear who is 2 years older than me and he gave it to me when I was born and so that being said he is now around 46 years old now and I still have him yes he has bald places on him where his fur has worn away but he is still my teddy and has had a place of honor on my bureau in every apartment or house I have lived in since moving out of my parents house. I used to sleep with him has a child and he would go everywhere with me but once grown he now sits in relaxation.

So what I am saying here if you take care of him and let him have a place of honor somewhere then you can have him as long as you need him in your life.

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Unless it’s from a specific tv/toy series, it’s probably just a generic off brand in a sea of a million others.

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This was my wubbie.

It’s the only toy I still have from my childhood.

His nose was chewed off by a dog, so I embroidered a new one for him. His left eye is held in mostly with fabric glue due to the same incident. I’ve sewed his head back on to his neck twice (most recently last week). He’s had other repairs, too – one of his hands, the seams popping on his legs, stuff like that. Sure, I could replace him and get one like this – but that wouldn’t be MY Snuggle Bear – the one that’s stuck with me for 27 years through thick and thin.

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Welcome to Fluther.

Aside from the advice above about “how to find another plush puppy toy”, which is all fine as far as it goes, there’s more for you to do in this regard. Without being harsh or critical here, you do need to face the fact that you are going to lose your pup, one way or another, at some point. So it would be very worthwhile for you to learn to – to be able to – “detach” from this thing that is not-you. Prepare for the loss and be ready, willing and able to “accept” it, no matter how much grief it causes you in the short term.

You’re going to lose a lot of things and a lot of people in your life as time goes by, and you need to be able to do that every time, many times, without coming apart yourself.

Good luck on that journey.

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What you could do is put him into a container (cardboard box, or plastic container) and not touch him. You will be comforted by the fact that you know he’s in there, but you won’t be touching him or seeing him on a regular basis. He will be somewhat preserved by being in there.

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<<<—- this is “daddy dog” one of the two “daddy dogs” we have in the house.

Both my boys have one!

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It looks like a Pound Puppy, but the eyes are different.
It may be a knock off, or an early version of Pound Puppies.

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It’s not exactly a Pound Puppy.

Don’t you know that when stuffed animals are loved for a long, long time they become real?

I don’t think you can really replace the original – just care for it well.

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Thanks for all the words of advice so far guys. :’) He’s very special to me, and I’ve had to repair a few spots on him already, an ear losing its thread where it attached to his head, a few holes, but I think i’ll try my best to keep him safe and preserved. And yeah janbb, I feel like he was real, is real, he’s been in so many circumstances in my life that i’ve cried on him when feeling sad, or had him with me when I travel, etc that I feel like he’s a part of me in some way like a friend or something.

I think my mission will be to keep him safe as long as I can. And in the meantime try to find someone similar so that if the worst DOES happen the loss wont be as horrific on my emotional side.

I guess that sounds a little silly talking about a stuffed animal like that but, it would really be a trauma to me to lose him, or at least lose him suddenly in a way I can’t prevent like a house fire, or something terrible.

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@Reverse You need to read “The Velveteen Rabbit” by Margaret Wise Brown which I referenced in my answer. And – I just took my son’s 33 year old “Daddy Bear” to Paris for his new baby. They do hold on; these beloved friends.

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@janbb I remember reading the Velveteen Rabbit when I was really little. :) I’ll have to go read it again.

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Holy cow! I think I had a very similar stuffed dog! I’ll ask my mom if it’s still hanging out somewhere at my parents’ house. If it is, you’re welcome to adopt him!

Don’t get too exited though. My parents just moved so he might not have made it through the clean sweep.

Also, that was probably about 15 years ago.

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Well if you find him I will GLADLY adopt him if he’s the one! :) And I think mom got him for me back in the 90s or so. So that’s about close to his time frame :D

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@Reverse I asked my niece (my parents are her legal guardians) to take a look around for it. So far, no dice. :(

But she’s also 14 (with an attention span of a 14-year-old), so I’ll look around myself next month when I’m down there! :)

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I think I know the dog you’re talking about. I may have collected a bunch of them in different colors when I was a kid. I got them at Target in the early to late 90s. The same company made a frog with super long legs, which my sister collected in different colors. I still have my stuffed dogs and my sister still has one of her frogs, if you’re still receiving notifications from this post I can send pics to see if we’re talking about the same dogs

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