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Need help identifying an old stuffed animal dog. :(

Asked by Reverse (45points) January 15th, 2014

So I have this stuffed animal dog, it’s a large floppy dog, with brown ears and eyes, eye markings and tail, a black body and nose and black markings on his hind legs. He’s white on the limbs and face, and has a pink tongue that sticks out that’s soft. He’s about 2 or 3 ft in length from head to tail, his arms stick out longer and he lays flat. He used to have tags sewn onto his tail as well but those were removed long ago.

He’s a plush sort of shaggy furred dog, has typical stuffing inside and beanbags i hear rattling in his hind feet.

He’s a very special stuffed animal to me and I’ve had him all my life, I’m worried that as he and I both get older he’ll start to deteriorate so I’ve been searching for the past few years off and on for the manufacturer so I might be able to get a second one. His tags are long since gone, but I assume he was from around the 1990s era, and I /think/ my mother had bought him from Costco if that helps any.

I have a couple pictures I took when I was younger so one of them is sort of silly but you can see his face and fur texture up close.

My heart sort of leapt into my throat when I came across this guy on ebay:

But it doesn’t seem exactly the same. It’s also from Costco, but they don’t have the tag anymore, and he’s only black and white, but the fur is the same texture and the nose and tail sort of look similar I guess?

Please please please help me identify the maker/brand/if he still exists for my puppy. :’( I don’t know how many years he has left in him and I don’t want to lose him.

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