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Do you know of painters who are well known but don't practice in extremely large scale?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) January 15th, 2014

In the art world, especially with gallery set up, painters tend to go really large. I’m wondering if there are popular painters who don’t practice with large scales.

Heck, who are the popular painters these days?

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Well…my daughter is a gifted painter, but not popular in the mainstream.
I have encouraged her to amass her portfolio and hold a little show of her work.
Sadly, as is true for my creative side as well, the struggle to survive tends to shove the creativity out the window. I think there are gazillions of people that are meant to be artists but have little time to devote to their craft.

I have no idea who is “popular” in the art world at this time.
I live in an area with many local artists and galleries and in the hometown of artist Thomas Kincade. I never liked his work but he is very popular around here. Too whimsical and overdone IMO. Of course he is dead now, and being dead almost guarantees a renewed interest in an artists work. lol

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I’m not sure what you consider large scale. Many of Wayne Thiebaud’s paintings are of a size to fit in a living room.

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I know a lot of painters and other than major works commissioned by a museum, most paintings are geared towards sales and suitability to hang in a living situation.

They vary in size and some are larger but I don’t anyone who paints as if the ceilings are still 20 feet high or for the Versailles Palace.

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I like BIG paintings, my pride and joy is a 4×4 abstract of an oceanic theme. Swirling “waves” with varying shades of blues, greens and golds. It was painted by a local wood craftsman turned painter in my area who held a show in a local winery back around 2005.
I could care less if it ever becomes worth more than the $700 I paid.

Collecting art is about capturing beauty not money.

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