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What is your keirsey temperament?

Asked by ARE_you_kidding_me (19833points) January 15th, 2014

I’m INTJ which is no surprise how do you score?

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“Guardian Inspector” I have no idea what that means.

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@DWW25921 The result of interest is the 4-letter long code. Which was yours?

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I just read my results. It’s scarey. All true.

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Idealist Teacher. Very true! love this test going to give it to a few friends to do :)

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I’m the type that hasn’t got time to answer 70 questions. But I’d ace the damn thing if I had time for it.

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@ETpro… THERE are no right answers….only wrong ones.

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@ETpro Yes, I’m assuming you would ace your own temperament test…

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@elbanditoroso & @DWW25921 There you go. I saved myself answering 70 questions to find out what I already know. :-)

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I am the type that realizes personality tests are unreliable and unsupported by any type of legitimate science.

P.S. The four letter results are not Keirsey temperaments. They are Myers-Briggs types, which are rather different despite having a rough correspondence with the Keirsey temperaments.

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INTP, Rational Architect.

I usually fall under INTP or ENTP for Myer-Briggs. So that sounds about right.

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Idealist Teacher (ENFJ) I’m not surprised.

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Some people are skeptical about these because they always get different things or what they get doesn’t describe them, but I’ve taken the test on various websites multiple times over the last few years and always always get INFJ, which I agree with. It’s a little worrying, however, when the career paths suggested for INFJ are completely the opposite of what I’m currently doing.

I’m also consistently a Hufflepuff which I’m very happy with.

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I don’t believe anyone’s temperament can be summed up by four letters. I’m sure there’s something on the Keirsey scale for that.

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ENTP the rational inventor.

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I’m a believer and love personality theory. I am textbook, always test the same, consistently.
I think it is an invaluable tool for self and other understanding.

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@Nimis My father was an INTP and really was an

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@Coloma And I studied Architecture in college. ;)

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@etpro I think it is a good tool for understanding others rather than yourself

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Guardian Protector (ISFJ)

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@shrubbery My results are consistent every time, so that is not the source of my skepticism.

And I’m consistently sorted into Gryffindor, which is clearly a mistake.

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I’m a Capricorn, no wait a Pisces…

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Here’s a recap of the data so far:

5 i and 6 e
4 s and 7 n
5 f and 6 t
5 p and 6 j

Nothing is statistically significant.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Then letting everyone else take it and report to me makes perfect sense.

@PhiNotPi It is telling you that you are not statistically significant. :-)

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Odd thing though – most other forums I’ve been on where this has been discussed, the INFP type has been way over-represented. And yet here we don’t have one. At least no one who’s admitted it.

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Guardian Protector- ISFJ

Protectors’ shyness with strangers can make them seem to be cold even though they are often warm and sympathetic. That’s me.

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Rational Architect (INTP)

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