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What is the extended EPC code?

Asked by carterava89 (1points) January 15th, 2014

EPC tags have a 96-bit identification number and sometimes up to 512 bits of memory. However, 512 bits is typically about 95 characters or 120 digits and doesn’t fit the aviation identification standards for storing the mandatory fields such as:

– Manufacturer CAGE Code (MFR)
– Serial Number (SER)
– Original Part Number (PNO)
– UID Construct Number (UIC)
– Part Description (PDT)
– Manufacture Date (DMF)
– International Commodity Code (ICC)

The high memory data format based on TegoChip™ used in TegoTags provides an indexable memory storage that meets the standardized business data formats. In addition, the TegoChip high memory IC has incorporated a “bullet proof” memory technology that can withstand time, temperature and radiation. Accelerated aging tests indicate expected memory retention is at least 100 years under benign conditions, and decades when continuously exposed to very high temperatures

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