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Why do people use Facebook when Google+ is so much better?

Asked by ISmart (141points) January 15th, 2014

FB is so boring… I am amazed why people still use it.. I ask people and they all give me the same response: All my friends and family are there… other then that, if you are one of millions that uses FB daily, what do you gain from it and how are you using it?

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Different tools. Facebook is for friends and family, and Google plus is for interests.

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I don’t use either. And with Google getting all up in my shit about tying everything together and forcing google plus down my fucking throat I deleted my fucking account. Yeah. I deleted my 7 year old gmail account and it felt great. All I really use google for now is maps and it feels great.

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People go where other people are.
Also, you can’t really justify saying that one is better than the other. It’s an opinion, not a fact. If we want to get technical, the one that should be considered “better” is the popular one.
Facebook will be outdated, just like MySpace soon enough. Maybe Google Plus will be the next big thing. Who knows?

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I know right? I found a new site called that no one has ever heard of and it’s better than Facebook! I also like Pinterest and I’d even rather hang out on Twitter than on Facebook… Facebook is so bad, how bad is it? It’s so bad that it gives Chuck Norris the creepy shivers! It’s so bad, oh, not this again even hogs wouldn’t wallow in that muck! I know it was weak but I tried. Anyway, I feel your pain and I don’t use it for anything. I don’t have an account anymore. It’s just too annoying. I mean, the constant barrage of crap! No, I don’t want to give you help in your stupid game nor do I need the latest hair growth system. Geez… I don’t want to be your friend. No, I’m inclined to real live friends not the ones I’ve not actually met. Friends I’ll just call if I want to chat, not block me because I post too many pictures of my cats. Who doesn’t live cats? Anyway, that’s one of the reasons why I’m on Pinterest now. I would suggest you give that one a shot. You have sites like this that enable you to impart your vast cornucopia of wisdom upon others. There’s Google+ which I’m also on but not as much because there’s just to much going on and I like a more consolidated experience. That’s probably why I gravitate towards Twitter and Pinterest. I also like viewbug if you want to look at nice photos without the creepiness. There are so many better sites out there! Anyway, it’s after 6am and I’ve had no sleep but tons of coffee… Yay for me I finally finished the project I was working on. It took me all night. One of my online stores had a thing. I needed to undo the thing and fix it. Anyway, if I had Facebook dragging me down with all the drama and absolute crap I’d never get anything done.

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People use Facebook because that’s where they went first. Not all humans adapt well to change and they like to stick with the familiar.

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It’s not.

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Because concepts like “better” and “boring” are subjective. Facebook may be boring to you, but that’s obviously not the case for the plethora of people still using it.

Honestly, I’ve never even attempted to find out what Google+ is. I moved from MySpace to Facebook back in 2009 and I haven’t budged since. I hate Twitter and I hardly ever use my Pinterest or Instagram accounts. I could live without Facebook, too, but I probably wouldn’t leave it for another social networking site unless I had a good reason to.

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Facebook has better marketing and more name recognition. Many years ago, when Win95 first came out, another OS called OS2 Warp came out at the same time. It was a much better designed OS. It crashed less and was far superior to Win 95. But they didn’t have a huge advertising plan and didn’t push name recognition. Guess which one everyone else besides me picked as their new OS?

Does anyone even remember OS2 Warp? (Aside from people who work with ATM machines. My dad says they still run under OS2 Warp because it’s still SO reliable and crashproof)
Most likely not. Have your parents and grandparents and billion classmates even know about Google+? Probably not. So Facebook gets used more often.

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Ugh, I hate Google+.

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I use Facebook to keep up with my friends. I don’t care if there’s a better site if no one else is going to use it. And google is a creepy.

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Nice try, Google PR.

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Unless every person in my FB is going to go to Google+ AND all of the groups I am in on FB are going to Google+, then there’s no reason for me to switch. I’d still need to keep my FB account for the people who don’t go over to Google+, so then Google+ would be the extra time consuming, unnecessary site.

I use Pinterest sometimes, mainly for ideas or for time-killing. I am consider joining Twitter just to follow people, but I really don’t want to get addicted to another site.

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I wasn’t raised in this social media world. I was just starting to get the hang of MySpace when my granddaughter talked me into moving to Facebook. I’m not going to move again. All my friends, family, and old school chums are on Facebook. Unless they all left, I have no reason to change.

And you can forget about Snapchat. It sounds completely narcissistic. I have come to the conclusion that everyone out there is talking, but nobody is listening. Do you know what I mean? A person might send out a picture of their foot, their lunch, or where they are, but in reality, nobody cares (nor should they).

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@AshLeigh Facebook will be outdated, just like MySpace soon enough. Maybe Google Plus will be the next big thing. Who knows?

You think? I’m curious as to what would be the next big thing…but I think FaceBook is trying to conquer the Internet, and the world. And it always freaks me out that ’‘all content you post on Facebook then belongs to Facebook’’. What are they trying to do? I mean even that Tom guy from MySpace is on Facebook. Fuckin’ Tom.

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Why don’t we use what we like and not use what we don’t like and not give a fuck about completely meaningless things other people do? Like: eat ham, use EMACS, enjoy gay sex.

I find FB useful for one or two things, mainly related keeping up with local events or IMing.

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Ever since two blog sites and two Q & A sites took away all my work – vanished in a moment – I quite joining up on any of that stuff.

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Social media sites I have ridden to the bottom:

Everyone’s Connected
MSN Chat
MSN Groups
DeadJournal (preferred)

G+ and Facebook are just more in the vast sea. And I haven’t found a good reason to start in on G+. Everyone I talk to on a daily basis is already on Facebook. No need to travel until it nosedives.

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That, and AnswerBag sucks.

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Just for the record is who I use for email now. 10 bucks a year and no ads or scanning your email to serve you ads. I have used them for a while and it is solid. They will even import all your mail from gmail so you don’t lose anything. It is under a dollar a month to not be tracked. Gmail sends ads to the sites you visit (outside of google owned ones) based on the contents of your email. That is unacceptable to me.

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Once ipv6 becomes widespread enough, I’m going to put my mail server in my room. The pigglies can get a search warrant if they want it.

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@Symbeline, I don’t really think Google+ is next. But I remember when both MySpace and Facebook were both being used, before everyone switched over to Facebook completely. The same thing is bound to happen. It always does.

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And before all of those, there was Multiply and BIX

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Why do people use Google? bing is newer and better!

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Hell yeah, Bing rocks. :) Been using it for a while now.

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Yea Bing Video search is great for porn.

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Why do people use Macs? There is this great OS called FreeBSD.

Wow, bing does have a lot of porn.

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