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Please tell me the names of a few websites which teach Python for free.

Asked by slim_girl (16points) January 16th, 2014

I need to know the websites which provide for the free online tutorial courses on Java as well as Python. Please help.

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No idea about Java, but here is a place to find resources for learning Python. You don’t mention your current skill set (are you familiar with programming already?), so it’s hard to be more specific.

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I did a Web search and checked out a few sites. This one seemed pretty good.

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This is the Official Python Tutorial. I suggest learning Python first if it’s your first language. Also there is an entire semester of Intro to Computer Science at MIT taught using Python that has been recorded. You can take the class for FREE, which is pretty amazing, and watch the lectures, do the assignments etc. at your own pace.

We need more female coders! So it’s great that you have an interest in it. Let me know if you have any questions. I may not know the answer, but I can probably point you in the right direction.

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these are some bookmarks I made for python, and I haven’t got round to reading any of them yet. I hope they are useful. I don’t use Python often nor have got deep into it yet. Maybe this weekend :^)

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I forgot to mention the Introduction to Computer Programing course at Udacity. I took the course, even though I already knew Python. I was curious to see how the material would be presented. An interesting aspect of the course is that it focuses on a single problem and gradually build up a solution. They do a pretty good job of teaching the language. An advantage of learning through a MOOC like this one or the one at MIT that @gorillapaws mentions is that there are online student forums where you can ask questions.

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Thanks to all.

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@slim_girl Happy to help, and welcome to Fluther.

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