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Is this Company good for custom logo shirts?

Asked by rbnick (1points) January 16th, 2014

Recently, i was browsing for a apparel company over the net to create custom logo shirts. One of friends of mine told me that SouthernAd.com is a good company who makes best quality customized apparels. I saw there online store and thinking good. but before i go to buy from there i need to know if anyone here used them before and how he/she got them ? Thanks

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Nice try.

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SouthernAd are a bunch of terrible spammers. I would not buy from them for any reason any time. They are slime.

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And their shirts are hideous. Avoid like the plague.

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The fabric is also laced with flesheating bacteria.

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This is just a guess, but I’m thinking that this new marketing campaign is turning out to be a failure.

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I heard they suck.

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