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What are you Not Doing to celebrate Nothing Day?

Asked by ETpro (34428points) January 16th, 2014

Today, January 16th, is National Nothing Day. It’s a day we mark by doing nothing, so in even asking this question, I have miserably failed at properly observing this great national treasure—this non-orgy of not celebrating what amounts to a worldwide devotion to doing nothing by doing just that—nothing.

Objectively, can you even imagine nothing? Where would you need to go to find nothing? Can there be nothing to find? There can’t be a road going nowhere with nothing at its end, can there? Nothing is nothing to trifle with, is it not?

Interestingly, without even realizing the propitious timing of the looming National Nothing Day, I got into a lively debate here about whether it is even possible to imagine nothing. Nothing could be easier for me, but some people apparently try, and nothing comes of it. Today I finally realized that nothing could be agreed on in that debate because I was giving a seemingly objective answer to a question that really was subjective. I can imagine nothing. Nothing could be easier for me. But those arguing nothing is impossible to imagine just had imaginations that amounted to nothing. When they tried to imaging nothing, nothing came of it and they thus thought by succeeding they had failed.

So now that nothing is so clear, what do we make of National Nothing Day? Is it “Nothing is Possible Day” or “Nothing is Impossible Day”?

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I’m not answering this question

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Well, I’ve managed to do pretty much nothing (ish of course) after having had a hectic day yesterday – exam, counselling skills course a and board meeting that lasted all evening. Had wine when I got home and didn’t get to sleep til 2am (after much coffee at meeting) so have been beat today! I led in bed trying to sleep but kept getting interrupted by phone calls and text messages, then had a spot of lunch and moved downstairs, read a chapter of my book and fell asleep again. So I’ve tried doing nothing but naturally ended up doing something even though it doesn’t feel like very much!

I now feel terribly guilty that I haven’t done a great deal and need to make up for it for the rest of day!! :-/

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@AdamF Yes you are.

@glacial Nothing you do not do doesn’t surprise me.

@nebule You’ve definitely earned Nothing Day.

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This is the similar in contradiction to opposite day, but I guess that’s for another day. baboom cha

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Not raping you.

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Not shoving pins into my @ragingloli voodoo doll.

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I plan to not hug a nihilist. But I may not even not do that.

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@ragingloli ,not raping me, all of us, OP? If I’ve ever been raped by you, frankly I didn’t notice, so maybe that is nothing?
I’m celebrating nothing day by average standards of effort; nothing big, nothing small, nothing loud, nothing insignificant, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Ah, so you did read through the list.

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@dxs Nothing of the sort, or in other words, exactly.

@ragingloli I’m getting nothing from you not raping me. What’s you’re tentacle monster doing for Nothing Day?

@cookieman Not bad.

@thorninmud Ha! That’s hilarious.

@Jonesn4burgers Oh @ragingloli rapes me all the time, but there’s really nothing to it. Who knew Nothing would turn out needing to be marked NSFW?

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Not getting raped by @ragingloli

I think that’s on schedule for March 20th, Festival of Extraterrestrial Abductions Day

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I’m pretty sure today is my 10 yr wedding anniversary, so maybe go to dinner or something.

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@KNOWITALL Every day spent not getting raped by @ragingloli is nothing like any other day spent not getting raped by @ragingloli, except on National Nothing Day.

@KNOWITALL Well I would say Happy Anniversary, except you two lovebirds had the extraordinary foresight to schedule your marriage on National Nothing Day, so instead I wish you a very Happy Antiversary, and many more to come.

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Hey we had a cool conversation on the idea of nothing before. I’m still perplexed though.
’‘Nothing’’ cannot exist as it is defined, because then it becomes something, rendering its definition void. When you have a glass that has nothing in it, that nothing is defined as emptiness, which is something, or air, which is also something so nothing can never exist as we know it because it always becomes something. Unless I’m wrong about the definition of nothing.
But if not, therefore, what I am doing today in honor of nothing day will fit this puzzle. I can’t not do anything in the spirit of what nothing apparently is because in reality it is not and can never be, therefore, today will be normal, and I will wash my dishes. Because it needs to get done.

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This reminds me during medical school I started a rust ribbon campaign that promoted willful ignorance about the overwhelming amount of ribbon campaigns. I could find it again and wear it.

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I’ve been getting a lot done. This morning I wrapped up and sent out some Ebay stuff, reposed and ran some errands while I was out. About noon I started promoting for one of my stores and I added lots of products too. I also have been trying to figure out website issues for a friend and am working on a project for my Aunt. I have a few more things on my list. I should be done around dinner. Sort of taking a quick breather here for now.

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Too much ado about nothing.

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Drat! it’s too late, I’ve already done something. Oh well, there’s always next year.

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By once again emerging at the end of the day as The Singularity and creating the Universe in my own non-existent image.

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Probably the same things I don’t do every day.

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Today I cooked nothing for dinner and my husband whined and absolutely no fucks were given by me.


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I’m celebrating the day by working, unfortunately. The government refuses to let me slack off even on a holiday as signifcant as this one is. =)

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@Symbeline Nothing could be further from the fact. You don’t try to put nothing in a glass because there is no glass big enough to hold something that takes no spacetime. You put nothing in nowhere, obviously. Use your imagination. In it, it’s impossible to conceive nothing and it’s impossible not to. Happy Nothing Day as your mind ricochets back and forth between those truths.

@drhat77 Sadly, even willful ignorance, as close to nothing as its value is, is not nothing. Keep striving. You will get there. We all do.

@DWW25921 Quick breathers are nothing like nothing. Nothing to do now but wait for next Nothing Day January 16, 2015.

@YARNLADY Ha! Nothing to it.

@flutherother But is there?

@Blondesjon Great answer. Thank you for keeping the window to nothing open. Don’t leave home without it.

@PhiNotPi And I am guessing nothing in that mix comes close to nothing.

@Seek_Kolinahr Congratualtions. You both got your little slice of nothing. Can nothing be divided any finer than the Planck Length?

@Bluefreedom Obviously the government knows NOTHING about what really matters—Nothing.

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@ETpro…dude, I was just washing my dishes. :p

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I’ve only just learned about this today. Consequently, I went about yesterday as normal. This means that, for all the things I did do yesterday, I did nothing to celebrate Nothing Day. So… success?

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