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Can you recognize the symbol(?) on this small piece of paper?

Asked by PhiNotPi (12644points) January 16th, 2014

A long time ago I found a small, hexagonal piece of paper laying around my house. I do not know where it originally came from. Ideas include a Chinese language camp I attended several years back, although this doesn’t really look like a Chinese character to me. I have not found anything else similar.

PICTURE. I have included a few different rotations of the image, because I do not know which side is up.

Can anyone recognize what this is? Or, is it just nonsense?

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Look at the symbols on the top right set of images and compare them to some of the Arabic letters here

The j with the dot over it and the plain j look like the Arabic “zaay” and “raa’ ” and the big guy in front is similar to the “kha’ ”.

Similar to Urdu and Persian. They also have the j with the dot over it and the plain j.

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PS. Persian is also known as Farsi. The big guy is called “khe.”

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@gailcalled Can you highlight the different symbols? I am having a hard time figuring out which symbols you are talking about.

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Second row from top, fourth and fifth images in from right to left.

The languages, like Hebrew, are read from left to right.

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@Everyone Stop giving PhiNot Pi any more lurve until 12:01am tomorrow! Really want to see them have 11111 lurve points.

@PhiNotPi Good question. I will have to remember to come back tomorrow to hit “Great Question”. Also curious as to why it’s on a hexagon-shaped sheet of paper.

Does the line quality look like it was used as a catch scrap for drawing on a smaller piece of paper? (So as not to draw on the table underneath?)

Does the end of a stroke transition to being lighter (like when you lift your hand)? Or does it go from dark directly to nothing (as when the pen continues over a separate sheet of paper or other thin object)?

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@fluthernutter Nope, somebody gave me lurve.

@gailcalled I meant for you to highlight the different symbols on the piece of paper. Your link just displays a diagram of the alphabet.

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Aww man. 11113, that’s no fun.
Oh well…here’s another GQ for you.

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Use the rotation that appears in the top right hand quadrant of your imgur image. The image at the top of that, furthest to the left, is a small stunted “j” with a dot on top. Next to that to the right is the same small j without the dot. They appear similiar to the Arabic “zaay” and “raa’”

I am nor sure how to highlight the symbols. Just look at the various Arabic letters in their alphabet and compare them to those you copied. You can see that there is a generic similarity.

Or, I just could be whistling Dixie.

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Are any of the other markings explained?

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I leave the rest of the detective work to you.

(paper lying around my house)

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@fluthernutter It looks like it was written with a red marker. For example, I can see the darker spots at the end of the marks where the marker was lifted off of the paper.

Edit: Does anyone on Fluther know Chinese?

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@PhiNotPi Whoops, yes. I have a terrible habit of interchanging pen for marker despite their obvious differences.

That one section where the strokes are closer together looks like there might have been a smaller sheet on top of this one.

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At first glance I thought Thai or Indonesian but I think I’m wrong after a simple Google compare and contrast… who knows though

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