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Shall we say a fond farewell to Dave Madden, 'Reuben Kincaid' on TV's "The Partridge Family"?

Asked by ibstubro (18641points) January 16th, 2014

I lovedThe Partridge Family” as a kid growing up. Although I later gained an aversion to nearly every actor on the show, I can still to this day watch it with warmth and good humor.

‘Reuben Kincaid’ was one of those characters that just skated past unremittingly annoying. For me, I think the facial expressions redeemed him, many a time. He just worried too damned much about the family.

From “Laugh In” to “Alice”, he had a varied acting career as was a decent stand up comic.

RIP, Dave Madden, aka ‘Reuben Kincaid’ of ”The Partridge Family”. You brought us joy.

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Awww….he was an icon of the 60’s for sure. R.I.P. Mr. Kincaid.
The Partridge Family…jeez, we’re gettin’ old. lol

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Wait, you’re waxing nostalgic over Reuben Kincaid, but not mentioning the passing of the Professor? The only one on the island that had a brain?

And, the Rule of Three continues, one of the last Munchkins passed away today, Ruth Robinson Duccini, age 95.

Whoops! Just saw your other thread. @ibstubro the harbinger of death.

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@zenvelo harbinger is foretelling. After the fact is memorializing. I did not predict or forecast death, I merely reported it, for the record.

I found ‘Reuben Kincaid’ endearing. I loved his dedication and loyalty to the “Family”.

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I remember him from Laugh In. His timing was wonderful, and his expressions sealed the joke.

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I saw him recently in something else totally, maybe a western. I can’t remember what, I just remember thinking how different it was from how I’d known him. I bought the first season of The Partridge Family a few weeks ago, so my daughter could see a little history. At that time, single moms just didn’t behave like that. I too enjoyed his amusing contributions during my childhood.

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