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Tech Pros: MacBook Pro is being weird?

Asked by pleiades (6576points) January 16th, 2014

So my MacBook Pro Spring 2011 has been glitchy on me during this log in. I’d have to say I must have a virus or something. I’ll be scrolling along just as I normally do with the touch pad and then boom! A zoom in, and I’ll try to zoom out with the command and then it’ll go to the options of screen changing. And overall I lose control of the scroll pad.

What gives?

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I’m running Mavericks. This only happened this evening

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You know that the amount of fingers you use changes the function, right? Moving one finger down is different than moving two or three fingers down.

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One of your modifier keys could be stuck… Trying clicking on each key (option, alt, command, shift)

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@dxs yes I’m scrolling with one finger and it’s doing actions of different swipes. And it only goes on and off. I’ll each key typing to see if its stuck

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Ok so I’m pressing “tab” continuously and it’s pulling up dictionary on like everything haha this is weird.

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Ok overall it feels like someone else is moving my track pad. There’s nothing on it. Also apps folder keeps popping up as if done with the gesture of all fingers (like making a jelly fish gesture) Also automatic f4 keeps happening.

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Might be a hardware issue.

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@gorillapaws definitely was hardware this is going to sound dumb. But I used my finger name on the edge of the track pad and voilah. So lame, I didn’t even see dirt on my nails.

Looks like the track pad had a little itch I needed to scratch…

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Have you gone to System Preferences->Track Pad to see what the settings are? Maybe they got changed.
Tip of advice: Don’t go to a Mac Store for troubleshooting if you haven’t made an appointment online. Twice I’ve showed up just past noon and they were completely booked for the rest of the day.

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@dxs Thanks for the advice! Yes I checked the system preferences (while it was doing it’s ghost/glitch thingy) and it all checked out fine. It literally was all about scratching the “crud” (which I couldn’t see on my finger after scratching) on the edge that needed to be wiped off

See photo here where I scraped

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