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If you were to represent and defend any type or group of people from social injustices, which would it be and why?

Asked by Gifted_With_Languages (1137points) January 17th, 2014

Literally, you can choose any group that is struggling in any way for this.

I would like to reiterate my warmest thanks to you.

Thank you.

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Children. They are vulnerable and they are the future of society.

Too many have inadequate nutrition and hydration, poor health care, lack of education, and are in unstable environments. This applies to children around the world in countries at with various levels of development and economic status. Many like to imagine that kids in western cultures have got it made, but the fact of the matter is that many are over-indulged and undereducated and don’t have responsible, stable role-models at home. So while they may have physical and material comforts, they are not being properly raised to lead responsible lives, let alone to manage a family or a country.

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We have this lovely document called the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, that our country (the United States) ratified in 1947.

We utterly fail at living up to it, even though most of our country’s political nastiness could be done away with overnight if we made a point to change that.

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Myself and my very immediate family. I honestly couldn’t care less about anyone else.

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Rich people. They’re being demonised by leftists, and are having the fruits of their hard labour stolen from them by progressive taxation—a means of punishing success.

These people are so frightened by the baying leftist mobs that they’re having to live behind locked gates and high tech security systems, and having to hire security guards.

They’re being blamed for all the social ills and economic misfortunes, and they’re being confronted with hostile demands that they “share their wealth” with people who feel entitled to it—despite these lazy leftist mobs not having worked for any of it.

This oppressed and demonised minority group is without doubt the most important social group for the sustenance and maintenance of our civilisation. They consist of all the most brilliant minds—the greatest innovators and the most daring entrepreneurs. They are responsible for the technological progress we enjoy, our long life expectancies, the wonderful gadgets we use to make our lives more entertaining and productive, and the automation and robots that allow the rest of us ingrates to work in a more leisurely and relaxed manner. They also provide the rest of us with jobs—has a poor person ever given you a job? I think not.

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People who have mutually consensual sex, even when it breaks the law. No one looks out for this poor lady and her husband.

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Homeless people. They’re human beings, but they get treated like shit by a lot of people. And because they’re homeless, if they get beaten up or whatever, not much is going to go into the matter. I’m not saying give them money or houses; just leave em the fuck alone, and if someone hurts them badly, conduct a proper fucking investigation. (mind you with the justice system, even someone decently well off won’t get the ’‘justice’’ done, if they don’t have a lot of money to see it through, unless it makes the news or some shit, and even then)
If they break the law, arrest them like everyone else. But I mean, every time you hear about the police unjustly killing someone, it’s always some homeless fucker. They should be treated like everybody else. You don’t have to talk to them or give them anything; just ignore em. But there is no need to kick the crap out of them just because no one will wonder where they disappeared to.
Sometimes I really wish that the Romani had creepy powers and would curse cops and hooligans who see it fit to terrorize them for no good fucking reason.

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All decent humans, whether they’re male, female, black, white or children. We all feel the same amount of pain when someone hurts us. I would really concentrate on abused/poor children, the homeless and mentally ill though since they’re the most vulnerable, and have the least amount of resources, social protection networks or cultural support.

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