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Are there any qualities, habits, traits, or characteristics that you can't stand seeing in other people but that you know you possess?

Asked by Gifted_With_Languages (1137points) January 17th, 2014

Ex. : You hate judgmental people but you know that you can be just as judgmental.

Your answers are most valuable.

Allow me to express my most heartfelt thanks to all of you.

Thank you.

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Rumenating about something that cannot be fixed.

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Obsessing about misspellings. (ruminating)

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The things I dislike in others are not characteristics I possess. Polar opposite.
I dislike boring small talk, I do not care that you made pork chops for dinner last night or mowed your lawn or are going to wash your car today.
I dislike trying to listen to people that can’t spit their words out and are not articulate.

I dislike those that have poor social skills and conversational skills, that do not acknowledge what you say, shift the conversation back to themselves and fail to ask questions. I especially dislike those with no sense of humor or playfulness.

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Self-righteous religious irk me to no end because I’ve been around them all my life and I hate to see myself in them.

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@JimTurner Yes! That too! Bah!

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Everyone needs a witness goose to keep the Jehovahs away, my goose Marwyn relished his witness protection duties. Once I had a JW come onto my property and ask me didn’t I want to live in paradise? I replied, ” I already do and you’re trespassing in it right now!” lol

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I hate it when my husband is always being melodramatic about things… apologizing fifty-eleven times about something that not only wasn’t an issue, hadn’t been complained about, but wasn’t even his fault in any way (the recycling not being picked up and I me saying that we have to find a place to put the excess until next week, that sort of thing). Yet I always feel like everything is my fault and he’s always mad at me, and I know I end up being melodramatic about it.

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My horrible temper. I see anger and temper in other people here and it drives me crazy, yet I find myself losing my own at times and regretting it.

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@KNOWITALL ditto. I’m guilty of the same thing.

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@JimTurner Two peas in a pod! Shall we agree to always forgive each other? lol

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Oh dear flying spaghetti monster, I forgot my number 1 hatred…passive agressive people!

Houmours here, not in real life.

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@KNOWITALL Most definitely.

Thank you.

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—Pardon the dyslexia with “humorous.” haha—

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@Coloma No problem Coloma. We read you loud and clear! LOL.

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unkempt hair and teeth.

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I am guilty of this myself more than I care to admit.

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Oh, I failed to mention nosy people! If I ever become nosy just shoot me. lol
@cookieman Compared to all the other possibilities procrastination is a non-issue.
I procrastinate too. :-)

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Passive aggressiveness and the silent treatment.

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Self-absorption and know-it-allness.

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