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How do I recover emotionally from addiction?

Asked by jenniferb504 (15points) July 10th, 2007 from iPhone

I was addicted to cocaine for two years and while I am six months sober, I'm having a hard time. It's not that I am tempted to use. I'm over the drug. I just think about the past and get really depressed. I can't move on.

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dint know if i am the right person, but heres what i would do:

find something new that you love. be obsessed over something new.

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It can take a while. You have to mourn

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Stop thinking about yourself. Do something nice for someone else. Lather, rinse, repeat. That's really all there is to it.

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Sorry. Didnt mean to press Answer.

As I was saying, it can take time but the 12 steps help, going to AA or NA helps and if you try all that and are still depressed then theres always anti-depressants. Also eating a plain baked potato (you can put butter on it but nothing else) before bed helps with depression (my therapist suggested this and it really works).
I'm 6 and a half years sober (ex heroin addict).

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Egge is right. You need to perhaps talk your way through this past to relieve your depression. That's why the 12-step programs are so important. You'll find a lot of people with whom you can talk freely and who will understand your depression and feelings. That's also why having a sponsor can be so helpful! You will have someone to call when you feel the depression coming on. A good psychologist or counselor can also be very helpful! Additionally, it may be that some other psychological problem could be adding to your depression. In fact, in my case, I discovered in college that an un-diagnosed case of bi-polar disorder and ADD, from which I had suffered since childhood, could be self-treated with alcohol! After nearly 15 years, I realized that I was, indeed, an alcoholic! I have been a recovering alcoholic for 22 years now. That blasted depression can be treated! Life can be good! Please get yourself some help!

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get yourself a hobbie and get your mind off the dope. I had several friends with addiction problems with hard drugs. Sounds like your depressed cause things aren't as good as when you were using. Get into something your interested In and stick with it. Your attitude will change. Its hard I know.

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