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Putin says gay visitors to Sochi Olympics must "leave children alone". Does that mean he's OK with heterosexual child molesters?

Asked by ETpro (34412points) January 17th, 2014

Putin sticks his foot down his throat yet again. Seems this guy would need some serious sensitivity training to get along in politics in the Western world. I think every civilized nation on Earth has laws prohibiting adults of any sexual persuasion from sexually abusing children. Any Olympic athlete or attendee who rapes any child should spend a good long time in a Russian prison, enough said.

It seems to me that in singling out Olympic attendees who are gay, Putin is just putting the ugly specter of Russian homophobia into the public spotlight yet again. What’s your take on his statement?

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What’s gay got to do with child molesting? That’s insane and very misguided. WTH?

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@KNOWITALL BINGO! They are not the same.

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@JimTurner I don’t know anyone who thinks they are. Putin may as well right IDIOT on his forehead.

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Why are bigots always unable to differentiate between pedophilia and homosexuality?

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^ Just reeks of protesting too much, doesn’t it?

Who was it that said they’re probably just afraid that dicks are delicious?

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Apparently, he qualified it by saying that gays should not be proselytizing to children under 18, but it was still a stupid and horrible statement. I still go with my initial reaction of boycott the Olympics.

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@janbb Yeah, because all the LGBT’s I know have such an EASY FUN time with being their authentic selves they’d try to recruit kids…geesh, what a bonehead.

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Are his views on homosexuality much different than many of the U.S. Republican presidential candidates from 2012?

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Another ignorant remark from a bigoted person. What else is new?

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The idea that gays are child molesters who wish to convert others to their “lifestyle” is one of the central rationales behind the Russian anti-homosexuality laws. It’s misguided and crazy, just as @KNOWITALL said, but it’s key to their position. Thus Putin’s statement is (sadly) not all that surprising.

As for whether or not Putin is okay with heterosexual child molesters, I daresay he is. Russia is one of the major centers for human trafficking in the world, and an increasingly popular destination for so-called “child sex tourism” (i.e., child prostitution). Putin has done little to combat this, which tells us where his priorities lie.

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When the whole fiasco with the Catholic church and the child molesting Priests came out I can tell you how many narrow minded friends of mine talked about Priests not being able to marry and gay Priests and related it inntheir mind to those men being more likely to molest children because they are in a profession where they can not have sex. Also, with whole don’t ask din’t tell paranoia that all of a sudden gay men are going to start coming on to straight men. So, if we have stupid people like that here in America, why not in Russia also? I don’t think we can be feeling superior in any way. We have idiot politicians here too on this topic.

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@SavoirFaire Sadly, this strategy is nothing new. Watch this video. It is an American propaganda film from the 60’s.

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I took it to mean he doesn’t want gay people telling children it’s OK to be gay.

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@flip86 Oh, I know. And it’s still used in the United States quite frequently.

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Vladimir Putin, homophobic after having gone through life with the name of a gay porn star.

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Non sequitur

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Bless ya cotton socks & all ten of ya tiny toes @KNOWITALL :)

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Now we know where he stands and I don’t mean he’s stuck there. He’s a human being and he represents a significant portion of his country’s mindset. He’s like a child who has to learn. In time, even he will change his mind. Unless he dies first, of course. I’m confident he will soften up. People need to stop getting upset and start laughing at him.

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Did anyone here read the article?

Putin is placing bans on homosexual propaganda passed out to minors.

The words “molest” or “abuse” never appear in the article.

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What @SavoirFaire said. The fear of “recruitment” (which is ridiculous, for reasons including those which @KNOWITALL pointed out) is also what has driven recent legislation in Uganda, where people now face life imprisonment for being gay. This fear is fueled by evangelical groups from the US. If you’re interested, check out this recent documentary.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies The article is about him defending the law. When the law was passed, the supposed predilection of homosexuals to molest and abuse children was part of the justification. That’s the connection.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies So literature aimed at recruiting children as sex workers is fine just so long as it’s heterosexual sex? Therein lies the problem.

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@ETpro “Recruiting” is a term that homophobes use to describe gay people encouraging young people to become gay. For them, it satisfies the need to understand how homosexuality can persist when it should not be able to through biological means (i.e., “Gay people can’t make babies! How are they still here?”). Of course, we know this ain’t how it works. But this is the delusion.

It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with pedophilia or sex workers. Not sure how you got there from the article or from what @RealEyesRealizeRealLies said.

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@glacial I got there from the fact that Russia is a Mecca for pedophile tourism and has a supply of child sex workers to willful their need if they bring enough cash. This, Mr. Putin seems to turn a blind eye to.

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@ETpro Ah, I didn’t realize you were just reiterating what @SavoirFaire said. I thought you were taking it in another direction.

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It doesn’t surprise me at all. The idea that gays are only interested in “fiddling with little boys” is (in my experience) the main rationale behind non-religious homophobia.

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My god, what a dumb motherfucker.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies No, I had not read it, and I am glad you prompted me to read it. I agree with you that Putin is just talking about handing out materials to children.

@ETpro The sentence can easily mean Putin is warning there is a law that does not allow materials to be given to children about homosexuality and pedophilia, meaning both types of materials are forbidden. The sentence does not have to mean he is only concerned with same sex pedophilia.

I agree he is probably homophobic, don’t get me wrong.

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This makes me more determined to be xtra loving to my LGBT friends. Willful ignorance is intolerable.

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@ETpro “So literature aimed at recruiting children as sex workers is fine just so long as it’s heterosexual sex?”

Do you have any evidence that such literature exists? Or that if it did, it would be “fine”? Really? A brochure on the benefits of satisfying a pedophile? I thought that crime was more related to kidnapping and enslavement.

I hear straw men being erected to support an unwarranted accusation. Isn’t there a special fallacy name for that?

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Well your article already has stated things that Putin has said before. It comes down to the no true Scotsman, because real heterosexuals don’t rape and molest children now.

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