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Have you ever dreamed of flying?

Asked by syz (35525points) January 17th, 2014

I think this must be as close as I could get.

Would you do it?

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Yes, and I landed okay on the edge of the Grand Canyon.

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Holy crap, how cool was that? But he cut some of those hills and crevices so close. he was almost toast four or five times. But that would be so much fun.

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Looks really dangerous, but really fun. And if you do it, you’d better be in really amazing shape. It takes a lot of strength to hold your arms out with that much wind pressure against them.

Would I do it? Not now. I’m too old. But in my younger days, if I were really, really buff, yes.

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God is my copilot. That being the case, I’d be too terrified to try that.

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Cool. With A LOT of training I would love to do that.

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I love Jeb, he’s got a great attitude. He swims with sharks, too!. I’ve been following him on social media for over a year now – he had a really close call and hit the side of Table Mountain in South Africa a year ago‚Ķ scary stuff if you want to look up the video. There’s a World Wingsuit League, and they have competitions now, there are enough people doing it. Most of them start with skydiving and then BASE jumping.

I have always loved and been fascinated by flight. I have to have a window seat and I get very giddy for takeoff and landing. One of my earliest memories is seeing the Alps out the window of an airplane when going to visit family in Europe. I went skydiving once and loved it. If I were 25–30 years younger, I’d be motivated by these sports. It is highly unlikely I could ever reach that fitness level from where I am now with my health. Maybe when I win the lottery and have a personal trainer and personal chef.

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Wingsuit is a little much for me.

I want to skydive. Hang gliding seems like it would be a trip, too.

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No, but R. Kelly has.

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