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Is this totalitarianism in the making?

Asked by Paradox25 (10174points) January 17th, 2014

I consider myself to be a liberal, liberal in the sense that I support free speech, the freedom of the ability to express criticism towards any organization or ideologue, the freedom to privacy in my own home, the freedom to vote and freedom from discrimination based upon my sex, gender, race, ethnicity, political views, religion (or non belief) and the like.

Someone on another website had sent me this article written by the European Union, which implies potential future groundwork from my understanding. The ideas in the article are concerned with combating intolerance and hate. However, after reading it the article appears to go pretty far in what it defines as ‘hate’ and ‘intolerance’, such as a wide range of criticisms ranging anywhere from criticizing Islam to even criticizing feminism.

It appears from reading this that it would be a criminal offense to simply criticize feminist policies in school and the government, and to criticize certain aspects of the other ideologues mentioned. I would suggest for everyone to read the link since the material isn’t horribly long, and seems straightforward to me in order to respond to my question better.

This potential legislation isn’t being enforced yet, and can still be subject to change. However, the fact these ideas have even made it this far, and that this could happen anywhere in the world with the rise of political correctness concerns me. As my question states, is this another form of totalitarian censorship in the making?

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