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What to do about people who just want to praise themselves constantly?

Asked by Berserker (33459points) January 18th, 2014

I’m sure we all know at least one person like that in our lives. People that, no matter what you say or what you try and add to the table, the topic always reverts back to them; what they would do, what they would have done, something they HAVE done, how awesome they are at absolutely everything. The kind of people that will not listen to anything you have to say and will just interrupt until they find an occasion to praise themselves.
Personally I cannot stand such people, they make me so exhausted and tired. Then I just want to leave. But is telling them to fuck off the ideal thing to do? Should I be flattered that they wanted ME to think they’re so great?
What’s your say? lol I realize the jokes that could be made here, but I welcome anything constructive :)

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You worship them as your one true God.

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If so, I hope their name is Wednesday.

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The words “Go fuck yourself” have rarely been more pertinent.

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I got angry just reading your question.

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Also, your topics made me actually LOL

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There are 3 ways you can deal with people like that:

Walk away when they turn the topic to themselves.
Ignore them and keep talking about whatever you were talking about as if they didn’t just speak.
Say to them “OK but we’re not talking about that now. We’re talking about (this).”

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I find myself using the phrase ”...and so humble, to boot,” in conversation with them.

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Similar to that type, are the ones I call “one-ups”, where no matter what someone says (good or bad), they can always come up with a “better” story.

I don’t have a set strategy for dealing with them. I like @jca‘s methods, but I can’t always be so blunt with coworkers and such, since I already get low marks on my ‘interoffice relationships’ review because I’m an introvert and I don’t tolerate incompetence well.

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Self-praise is half slander.

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For our jelly who does this, I read her posts up until I hit the word “I”. In RL, I nod and smile and zone out. They can praise themselves to high heaven as much as they want; it’s naught to me other than boring, and I’ve never had a problem with disengaging and walking away suddenly.

@hearkat My method seems to work well at work. I end up being the self-talker’s favorite person because I’m the only one willing to stand and zone politely for a long time. They tend to either not mind or not notice I’m zoning out, so long as they have a face to keep blathering at.

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Just avoid them as much as possible.

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Why do you have to “do” something about it. If you feel that way about it, just be glad it isn’t you.

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My coworker does this but it’s amusing. It’s a ‘me’ centered world get used to it.

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@Symbeline ” Should I be flattered that they wanted ME to think they’re so great?”

I know you went for humor with this line, and you succeeded. I literally started laughing.

But of course you know that the person’s behavior has absolutely nothing to do with you. You just happen to be nearby, within hearing distance. If there were another person in your place, or perhaps a brick wall or a paw-paw tree, the individual would continue non-stop self-aggrandizing. Any audience will do.

Just think how insecure such people must be.

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If they’re so insecure it has to be all about them then I don’t waste my time. Stay away from the loser.

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He’s the President for God’s sake. Cut him some slack.

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It’s called Narcissism, infatuation with the self. Not to be confused with healthy self esteem.
No point in getting upset, the leopard will not change its spots, simply nod, smile, check out and move on as quickly as possible. It’s one thing to be enthusiastic and want to relate to what another is saying by sharing your own stories but entirely another when it is obvious someone is so self involved everything you say becomes a forum for their own self glorifying.
I dumped a male friend like this a few years ago, he didn’t have conversations he took hostages. lol

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The appropriate response is to disembowel them
See if they’re still proud without their intestines

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Until it is legal to hunt them down like a mad dog,all one can do is just let them go on.

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My son in law is this person. He’s impossible. He won’t get a job. He’s also been offered several jobs right out of the blue, and he talks his way out of them! Needless to say, my daughter divorced him. Because he’s not working the courts gave him full custody, but he can’t even pull it together to get his butt over to the food stamp office to get food stamps.

My 13 year old granddaughter came to her mom a while ago and said, “I need to get a job. There’s no food at home.” Oh, I could go on and on. What a royal mess.

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I am the fucking best at dealing with that shit.

if i do say so myself

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@jca I tried that with one person once, I said, okay, but that’s not what we were talking about. The guy actually got pissed off, and I left lol.

@SadieMartinPaul Oh yeah, I know that. Anybody is fair game with this one dude, it would seem.

These kinda people are so exhausting. One guy literally reminds me of a machine gun. He talks so fast and so loud, and only a bottle to the head would stop him. It’s just tiring to listen to.

Thanks for the answers all. :)

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