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A close family member has strep throat and now I'm beginning to show minor symptoms. What can I do to prevent it?.

Asked by rockfan (6968points) January 18th, 2014 from iPhone

If I go to a clinic and get an anti-biotic early, will I be able to prevent any more symptoms from happening?

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They would do a strep test and unless it shows positive for strep then they probably wouldn’t do anything.

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Sore throat symptoms are easy to find but strep throat symptoms require proper diagnosis. A physician will perform a physical exam, as well as several tests to confirm it. Many at times strep throat clears up without treatment; however, the risk of complications increases. So better get it confirmed by a doctor. He might prescribe medicines if necessary. Also, gargling warm salt water and eating soft and cold foods can soothe the throat.

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Lots people say any sore throat is “strep throat”
But if it truly is strep, then Amoxycillin eats strep like candy. See a doc, and get an Rx

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@Josie’s right. A “strep throat” isn’t just any sore throat. Streptococcus is a genus of bacteria that’s easily tested, detected, and treated with antibiotics. The penicillins, including amoxicillin, are very effective.

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If you are symptomatic it is too late, the strep bacteria is growing. Yes, you may need an antibiotic. Strep is not a viral infection it is a bacterial infection that requires treatment.

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1. If you are already symptomatic you will need an entire course of antibiotics to get rid of it. Using antibiotics to avoid an infection, like taking only one or two pills because you know you will be in contact with someone, only works to prevent the infection, not to fight it once you have it. I do not recommend taking antibiotics this way except for very specific reasons that obviously would have to be discussed with a doctor. I don’t think any doctor will go for it regarding strep.

2. How do you know for sure they have strep? How long have they been sick? How high is their fever? Strep typically has a fever, over 101F and a sore throat that lasts 3+ days. Most colds start with a bad sore throat, then the throat symptoms disappear in 48 hours and the symptoms switch to congestions. Colds have no fever in adults typically, or extremely low “fever” lees than 100F. The strep quick test is fairly innacurate, the regular culture is better.

At this point, if I were you, I would wait three days if you don’t have a fever, and see if you actually have a cold, which you don’t need to go to the doctor to treat. Unless you already have a high fever, then go ahead and get a culture done so you have the result in a couple days and can start meds if you need them. Strep is one of those illnesses you need to take the antibiotics to avoid possible more severe illness secondary to the initial infection.

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If you feel worse tomorrow you could go to the nutrition center near you and get some oil of oregano capsules. About twelve dollars for a bottle. Take two four times for a day or so. It will run whatever it is off. Might take with food though, oregano is hot and can upset a belly by itself.

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@rockfan How are you feeling? Strep is no joke if you do have it. I’m hoping you don’t have it and just have a cold. Some people will say try to ride it out, but you can get scarlett fever, rheumatic fever, and even heart and kidney problems from strep throat. Also, if you don’t treat it with antibiotics you can be cntagious up to three weeks, so you need to be careful not to infect others.

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My brother was diagnosed with severe strep throat a few days ago, but now he’s doing alot better. On Saturday, my throat felt a little sore in the middle of the night, but those symptoms are gone.

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