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Anyone else having trouble pinning things to Pinterest?

Asked by Kardamom (28249points) January 18th, 2014

As of a few days ago, when I’ve tried to pin something to Pinterest from any other website, except from Pinterest directly (by re-pinning something that’s already on Pinterest) I can no longer pin anything.

I click on the Pinterest button that sits up at the top of my window, then the list of images pops up, each with the red pin it button in the middle, then I click the pin it button, and then the dialogue box pops up, the part where you select the board where you want it to be pinned, but I can only scroll part of the way (can’t scroll through my whole list) and there is no red pin it button to push. It’s like the box is having a brain fart.

I’ve tried re-starting my computer several times but that hasn’t helped.

I tried asking for help on the site itself, but I received a form letter answer that suggested that I read about help on their forums page. I did that, and followed all of the suggestions, but nothing has helped.

One of the suggestions said that if I could send a screen shot of the problem, that might be useful. I followed the instructions on how to create a screen shot, but that didn’t work either, I was unable to create a screen shot.

Right before this happened, my computer updated some things. Maybe that’s part of the problem. Not sure how to undo the new updates, or if that will cause other problems if I did undo them.

I’m super low tech, so if anybody has any answers, please speak to me like I’m slow and stupid : )

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