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Does that red blinking seem slightly hostile to anyone else?

Asked by arnbev959 (10893points) June 28th, 2008

When you click ‘Login’ on the main screen the username box on the right pulsates red. The same thing happens if you click ‘Ask a Question’ on the right in the ‘Question’ box when you’re logged in.

Does anyone else think the red throbbing is somewhat threatening, or just a little too aggressive? I’d feel better if it was blue or green.

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That does not happen to me. Is it an IPhone quirk?

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It is probably the pot.

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Not an iphone thing.

and I don’t think it has anything to do with marijuana.

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I don’t have a red blinking light anywhere so I am confused . . .

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If you log out and hit “Login” on the main screen the place where you put your name to log in pulsates red for a second.

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Hostile? No.
A pretty badass AJAX indicator? Yes.

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It is a variation of the yellow fade technique. Read this for some info on it.

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You can avoid the hostility by never logging out.

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Right. That is what I do.

Or think of it as the welcoming red light of a brothel—a cultural brothel.

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I usually don’t log out. I don’t know, it just seems like the site is yelling ‘Over here, over here, you idiot, this is where you log in!’

Maybe I’m just crazy. Maybe it is the pot.

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That is what they want. It uses AJAX to update the page. The page never refreshes when you click on login. Without the blinking it would be easy to sit there for a minute wondering why nothing happened. The blinking is the page yelling “look at me” since it isn’t obvious that something changed.

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I agree with you pete, I do indeed think it’s a bit aggressive!

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I’m glad we didn’t stick with the original “Over here, stupid!” status text…

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You know, the rare times I’ve seen it, I actually appreciated the red flashing light. It just seemed to say, “Over here! This is where to login! Over here!”

Could seeing the light as hostile be a projection, perhaps? : )

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Does paranoia annoy ya?

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I never saw anything blinking here.

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its. Super groovvy cool

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No, not at all, it’s useful to help navigate the site.

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