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My up and down arrows on the right side of my computer screen have disappeared. How do I get them back?

Asked by jca (35976points) January 19th, 2014

My up and down arrows on the right side of my screen have disappeared. I just downloaded Google Chrome. I am not sure if they disappeared right after downloading Chrome, or that had nothing to do with it.

I googled it and I got sites with links, which I am hesitant to click on because I don’t want a virus.

How do I ge the up and down arrows back on my screen?

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There was just a question about this in the last week so you are not alone. I’m going to dig for you since I think it had at least the cause and perhaps the solution.


Not sure if that really helps. But at least you are not alone and that can be comforting.

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Here is an explanation and a workaround.

It is frustrating that they didn’t just make it a setting. Sure, most people haven’t used those arrows in years. But you should have the option to.

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