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After my dad passed a red cardinal in the winter keeps coming to the same place. is this a symbol of my dad?

Asked by cindyprill (1points) January 19th, 2014

a red cardinal keeps coming every winter around the same time and is out side my window and some times he keeps hitting the window. could this be a symbol of my dad

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My dog died just after xmas & for a couple of days after a magpie perched itself on the window sill & tapped it’s beak against the pane. She shared the colour & markings of a magpie so it’s a nice thought to ease through the grief, totally ridiculous of course, but who gives a fuck.

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Let it be a symbol if it brings you comfort. The choice is yours.

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Is there any connection between your dad and a red cardinal that would make you feel this way?

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If it is a symbol to you, then yes. If it puts your heart at peace, then yes. If it brings you joy, then yes.

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No. Only coincidence.

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