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Are you satisfied with the way you look?

Asked by Gifted_With_Languages (1137points) January 19th, 2014

Anything you’d like to change about your body or you’re entirely satisfied as you are?
And mentally, is there an attribute you’d like to get rid of or modify if you had the power to do so?‎

As always, my heartfelt thanks go out to you.

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More than that, i’m over the bloody moon.

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I’m satisfied for the most part. I lost a lot of weight, so that has helped. I wish I wasn’t quite as grey as I have become, especially my mustache, but that’s okay. And I sometimes wish I was 3 inches taller.

Mentally, or otherwise, I don’t want to get rid of any attributes.

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No I’m ugly. The specifics don’t matter since ugly is my overriding characteristic.

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Physically I am not satisfied. I gained some weight after having my son and I just recently changed my eating habits. When I was younger, I was 90 pounds soaking wet. I miss those days. I hope to be back to a lighter weight soon.

Mentally I’m satisfied enough. I have my quirks but don’t we all? I am who I am. I embrace it.

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I’m working on dropping some extra pounds and walking a lot right now, more for health than vanity at this point in the game.
Yes, all in all I like and accept who I am. I have a winning personality even if my ass is about 6 inches wider than I’d prefer it to be. lol

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Depends on the day. Today I’m satisfied.

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I’m satisfied with it, yes. I used to want to be taller and to want a smaller nose—those things don’t really bother me anymore. Mentally, well, I suppose it’d be better for everyone if I weren’t so stubborn.

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Quite. The only thing I’d change about myself is my height, and not because of looks. I’d love to be taller for convenience’s sake – easier to find clothes, see at concerts (I am not quite 5’) – but others’ perception of me as short doesn’t bother me. Mentally it’d be nice to lose the Tourette’s, but honestly it doesn’t bother me much anymore.

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For the most part I am happy with the way I look. I wish I photographed better, had better teeth and longer legs but I don’t dwell on any of this.

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Heh…funny, this question, since I look amazingly nice today without any effort. Quick shower, brush out my hair toss on some clothes and viola…how the hell did this happen? haha
Why is it with us women that often the harder we try the worse we look and when we don’t everything just falls into place? The 8th great wonder of the

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Well, my body is pretty much a road map of my life experience. So, while there are things I’m not terribly thrilled with (no one is going to ask me to become a bikini model) I can’t complain too much. When I consider my genetic stock, I’m lucky I got as good as I did.

I do wish some of the more painful parts of my body would learn to shut up occasionally.

Mentally – Yeah, that needs help.

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Yes, more or less. I don’t pay a lot of attention, I must admit.

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I would be a lot happier if my hair was thinner and my dick was shorter.

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Reasonably, as long as I don’t peer too closely into the mirror.

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Eh. I’m still young enough to show off certain parts of my body, but old enough to not care what others might think about it.

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Can’t complain.
Not getting any younger however. Getting tougher to maintain a “six pack”. Difference between “Chest” and “Waist” is starting to diminish a little bit.
Got a couple of gray hairs in my beard.
But I suppose it could be worse.
Plus my girlfriend thinks I am hot, which really helps.
I won’t be growing another beard though.

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I don’t get why aging guys think exposed neck wattle is a good tradeoff for a gray beard. Salt and pepper, gray and white facial hair looks distinguished; stubbly jowls not so much. But maybe that’s just my personal fondness for the silver fox look on older dudes.

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@wildpotato Not that old yet…

But check out @ETPro :)

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Physically I could be lighter, but I’m working on it. Mentally, I could be calmer, but I’m working on it.

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Psshh, heck yeah.

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