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How large is your right ear?

Asked by tom_g (16630points) January 19th, 2014

If you have both ears, how long is your right one?

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About the same as my left ear, but I haven’t actually measured it. If I were to measure it, I would refer to it as the height of my ear, not “length”. This is because an ear is intrinsically vertical in nature (in relation to the floor, when standing) — therefore, height… not length.

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Slightly larger than my left.

Fun fact: My husband has attached earlobes. I have dangling earlobes. Our son has one of each.

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Big enough so that if someone puts a flea in it, I pay attention.

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Right ear – 2½ inches h x 1 3/8 across from the outside of the helix to the tragus.
Left ear – 2½ inches h x 1 7/16 across at the same spot.

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And that info is significant how?

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Exactly the same size as my left testicle, it says so right ere.

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