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How does one go on a cyber date?

Asked by talljasperman (21866points) January 19th, 2014

I’m assuming that you need a private chat room like Skype on Facebook. What else do you need to run a cyber date? Has anyone been on a cyber-date?

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I don’t know.
But I can’t wait to hear about it.
Not because I identify with it personally, but because I anticipate a level of weirdness that is compelling.
Sort of like one of those situations where you hate to watch something on TV, but you can not stop watching it.
What is that called?

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Do you go all the way? If so, how?

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There really is no such thing. There’s cyber live porn and live naked strip tease, but it’s one way, and costs money. You can get a naked girl to talk to you , but it’s all for money.

If you meet someone through an online dating site and have communicated for a while via email or IM, and she trusts you, she might agree to a video chat via Skype or other video chat. But you better look like your picture, and you better be nice or you’ll get banned.

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cough Second Life cough

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Remember, it is not a date if they ask for your credit card “to verify your age”.

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With digital flowers, of course. And with a fair dose of skepticism.

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