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Will this woman be set free? After all, she was practicing her religion, and (as we have seen in various Obamacare lawsuits) breaking the law isn't a problem if you do it in the name of religion?

Asked by elbanditoroso (29567points) January 19th, 2014

The short story: a woman stabbed her two children to death in an attempt to rid them of evil spirits; she was attempting an exorcism.

Recent court cases have been excusing lawbreaking if the ‘excuse’ is that they are abridging a person’s (or a corporation’s – but we all know that corporations are people, according to the Supreme Court) freedom to practice religion in the way they choose.

So, will this woman get off? She did the crime in the name of adherence to her religion.

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I don’t care how depraved a culture becomes, and ours is becoming increasingly depraved, most civilizations value the innocence and lives of children.

Unless things have gotten worse than I think, she is fucked.

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I haven’t heard about the story nor have I clicked on the link. I expect that if she persists with such a story through the pretrial period and in discussions with her attorney that a psychiatric evaluation will be conducted and, again if she persists with the story, she’ll be deemed incapable of assisting her own defense, which means incapable of being tried, and she’ll be committed to a “secure mental health facility” (read: “locked and guarded asylum”) until she is deemed capable. That could be the rest of her life.

On the other hand, she could make a recovery (whether a sham recovery from a sham “mental illness” or a real recovery from a real one) and either be set free or tried at that time.

I think that type of case has come up in Connecticut fairly recently (within the past few years). I’ll see if I can find some links to the story that’s at the back of my mind.

EDIT: Gah! I’m not going to post individual links to all of the stores there. The link is to the Google search I made that listed more than I want to recall.

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No, she will probably end up as @CWOTUS outlined. Mentally unstable. Now if she were a member of Congress….........

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If she was white that defence might fly. But seeing that photo…

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She should have done it in Florida or Texas, where you can legally kill people standing your ground against attacks by demons, and they have lots of people who believe in demonic possession.

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Oh come on, Loli. Andrea Yates was as white as they come and that defense didnt work for her either so there goes your theory on that.

If there were any noises bring made about releasing her (Yates) cuz she’s now recovered, there would be such a reaction to that it would never fly. She will never see the outside of the walls of the prison during her lifetime (no matter how white she is or how much she believed.)

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There’s a difference between being religious, and being crazy. This woman is crazy.

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Are you referring to Yates or to the woman who prompted this Q ?

Yes, Yates is mentally ill and had a significant history of such.

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“There‚Äôs a difference between being religious, and being crazy. This woman is crazy.”

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@ragingloli Thank you for resisting.

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Like a lot of rights, Freedom of Religion ends where it runs into another person’s Freedom of Religion. So it’s perfectly fine for her to exorcise herself by stabbing herself to free the demons. Lock her up as soon as she tries to free them from another person.

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What? Obamacare lawsuits? How about a link.

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@YARNLADY There are thousands of them all over the country. They aren’t reported in the media as they are considered “anti-Obama” and heaven forbid the press goes against their master and chief. Read my “bubble” thread.

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