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Were you a late bloomer, or an early bloomer?

Asked by stevenb (3816points) June 28th, 2008 from iPhone

I know several people who were very attractive in high school, then went downhill fast, and then a LOT more who were even homely in H.S., but now get more attractive every year. Which are you?

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Early. Facial hair by 13(hated it) and wisdom teeth by 16. I was blessed in that I didnt get the gross acne like everyone else. Also, my voice was already cracking at 11.

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^accidental duplicate.

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Well, I developed breasts at about 13. I reached emotional maturity at about 30. Which one counts?

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@syz, which was more influential and important to you?

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Ah, definately emotional maturity. I think back now and wonder “who was that wimpy, uninteresting person?” ‘Guess that makes me a late bloomer.

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And a very wise sounding one also.

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Or just slow…..

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Hang on, I don’t like those options. I choose the “Was very attractive in HS and then went uphill fast” :p

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inbetween :)
Until graduating from college cute but not agressive
5 years out older not so cute and now agressive

What counts?
nothing until I live my life and die of old age.

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I like myself better now. I was in a fog much of my youth.

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well I think I’m pretty average, but my wisdom teeth did come in at age 13. my dentist was all, wtf?
but they were fine and I never had to have them pulled.. my teeth are still naturally straight and everything, no problems :]

in terms of attractiveness.. I think mine improves every year. haha. I used to be quite ugly.. fat, bad hair, etc. it was sad. but gets better every year at least, somehow.

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Late. It took me a long time to stop obsessing over my faults and take advantage of my assets. It took even longer to ignore silent criticism about said faults.

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I was about average except for my voice… it didn’t crack until the end of 9th grade. That was fun.

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I guess I lucked out with the voice, mine never did “crack” it just sort of smoothly changed. I was deffinately the skinny invisible guy in school though. I have been told now that I get “more adorable” by the year now, and that I still look mid twenties. I am ok with that.

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i’m still waiting…

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Late. Still cresting toward my peak!

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I forget, but I’m still maturing… Sort of like a fine port, or maybe a 900 year old redwood.

…there are no limits

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I am a late bloomer. Didn’t start dating until I was nineteen. Nobody really noticed me until I had my daughter. I don’t think my looks have changed since high school. Just my personality and I think that’s changing for the better.

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I was a very early bloomer (when talking about puberty). I started my period in 3rd grade.
But in your details, you talk about looks. I wasn’t “attractive” until 8th grade.

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@violet, wow! As for me, never happened in school, which was rough. Of course, I did have a few older girls, maybe two or three grades ahead of me, who used to give me candy bars if I’d kiss them.
That started in fourth or fifth grade.

I also had a girl, Lynette W., who got me in trouble for three years. She lived on my way home. She would wait by the fence in her yard and invite me in. She taught me how to kiss, how to make out and a few other memorable things. She was three years ahead of me in school. She was also a chearleader.

My parents would yell at me almost everyday because it would take me an hour and a half to get home after school. It was a five block walk. I never have told them why I was always late. I wonder what they’d say now.

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