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How to work with photoshop?

Asked by koki4a77 (1points) January 20th, 2014

I want to learn how to work with Photoshop

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Short of taking classes, try lynda.com. They give great training videos on all sorts of software, including Photoshop. Start with a beginners video and work your way up.

Note that PS is a vast program that serves many purposes to different types of users. Photographers use it differently than graphic designers than animators, and so on. It’ll help if you have a rough idea what you’d like to accomplish with it.

Basic photo touch up.
Image restoration.
Texture mapping.
Image compositing.

Do a little research and try lynda. They charge $25/month.

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By the by… Do you have access to Photoshop now? If so, what version are you using?

If you’d prefer books, Adobe publishes the Classroom in a Book series for all their software. They are step-by-step, lesson-based chapters that build on each other. Very easy to follow.

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Go to a community college and take an arts digital class, that’s the way the rest of us “students” have to learn it. <You will learn a shit ton of tips, techniques, hot keys, the does and dont’s

Or you can spend countless amounts of hours just focusing and researching on YouTube about things you want to employe toward your works. <This one will result in you developing a style all your own

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Adobe’s website has a lot of useful videos demoing techniques.

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Just buy the program and start using it, best way to start.

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For what purpose?

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