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What are the prerequisites for being classified as a Goth?

Asked by talljasperman (21744points) January 20th, 2014

Do I have to dress the part, and ware eyeliner, studded necklaces, dress all black, and die my hair with a strip of purple? Is being Goth deeper than the looks?

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If you can drop a C.C. at hot topic you can be Goth. You could just be yourself which is probably more interesting.

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I get confused as a grunge when I don’t take care of my hair. When your a kid its a mess ,but when you are an adult its a style.

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Most of all, Goth is a state of mind; dark, sullen, talks of death and morbid things, wear black clothes and spiked dog collars, with a bit or a lot Punk style, etc.
Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 11th ed. says: “Goth: ...rock music marked by dark and morbid lyrics. .. a person who wears mostly black clothing, used dark dramatic makeup, and often has dyed black hair.”
Here is a description from the “Gothic and Lolita History” by Michelle Nguyen; ” Gothic Lolitas – The dark Lolitas who wear dark colors and typically have straight raven (black) hair and long false eyelashes, along with dramatic makeup to present a slightly evil-yet-innocent appearance.” (Gothic Lolitas being one of four sub types of “Classic Gothic Lolita.”) (The others being “Sweet Lolitas,” “Punk Lolitas,” and “Aristocrat Lolitas.”)

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Being a member of the eastern Germanic tribes during the late Roman empire.

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Or haplogroup I1

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Haplogroup I1, as I understand, is more northern Germanic. It’s much more prevalent in Scandinavia and the British Isles. So, more Amon Amarth and less Sisters of Mercy. :P

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\M/ \M/ Works for me.

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You must work at Cinnabon, change your name to Azrael Abyss and be very sinister.

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Some time back I realized that I was Goth but never knew it.

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Found this on the internet. Just thought I would throw it out here:

“The Visigoths were a barbarian horde that sacked and destroyed Rome.

Goths are whiny, self pitying, too pale, black nail polish wearing youth with too much time on their hands ”

Just sayin’

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if you feel it then you are.

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