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How should I prank my boyfriend?

Asked by 50ShadesOfNope (60points) January 21st, 2014

April Fool’s Day is coming up and I need to find an absolutely killer prank for my boyfriend. I hate bugs and being scared so I’m already anticipating being scared out of my mind. So I NEED to get him good. Any suggestions? Maybe it could be something ongoing throughout the day, something that takes a lot of prep so he won’t expect it.

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Tell him you are pregnant.

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If you want to keep him, I wouldn’t prank him at all.

@ragingloli a girl in my high school did that to her boyfriend. He wasn’t her boyfriend for long after that.

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@ragingloli That won’t work since I’m a virgin.
@downtide I already know he’s gonna prank me. And we have a weird relationship. We fight all the time but always seem to make up. I don’t think anything petty like a prank will break us up.

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It is a miracle! Jesus’ second coming!

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Warn him all day long about the epic prank.
Wait until midnight.
Tell him that there was no prank.

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Wax his pubic hair using luke warm cow dung & razor wire, should be a screaming success.

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Have him catch you in bed with his best friend.

Wait… how old are you?

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@downtide Some people can take a prank for what it is and not let it ruin their relationship. Apparently, some cannot. A prank can be fun and harmless, you know.

@Cupcake I like that. :) My husband and I haven’t done the April Fool’s Day thing since the year after we graduated from high school when he called and told me he lost his job – I was not amused – but it’d be fun to watch him squirm all day waiting for nothing. Evilllll.

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Sort of like what @ragingloli except don’t tell him. Just act up all the signs. Make him figure out what the problem is. That would be epic!

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Opposite to @Cupcake, I would over-promise that there will be no prank. Tell him so many times and in so many ways that he won’t believe you. And then follow through and don’t prank him.

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