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Im 14 and i want to file a police report on someone will i need a lawyer if i go to court?

Asked by hunterdoss99 (23points) January 22nd, 2014

ok so this girl said that my bully sent her pictures on facebook of guns knives and he says this is how im going to kill hunter will i need a lawyer if we go to court? cause im going to file a police report on him

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Before you do anything you need proof. I would take screen shots of what was done so you have evidence. I think internet crimes are a federal offense. I’d call your local FBI office and ask what you need to do. This case sounds more criminal than civil unless you want to sue for liable I wouldn’t bother with a lawyer. Anyway, wait on some more answers, I could be wrong but I doubt it. There’s a lot of smart people here!

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You should speak to your parents if you can or a school counselor and get them involved too. There are many effective anti-bullying policies in place in schools.

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ty and im getting the evidence today hopefully and my parents and school are involved and the kid also got susspended for dealing drugs in the bathrooms

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If it goes to court and you are the victim then the state represents you. (If you’re in the US.) You will only need to hire a lawyer if charges are filed against you.

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