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Is putting mattress on the floor directly problematic?

Asked by trinitymat (94points) January 22nd, 2014

I want to put it directly on the floor. Would there be more bug bites?

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We don’t have many bugs here so I can’t really attest to that. But I will say it is against my lease because they say it promotes the growth of mold.

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It will also promote bug life under the mattress, at least it did when I had my bed on the carpet.

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@filmfann Is that similar to thug life? hahahahaha

Seriously, if you’re going that route why not get a futon? I loved mine in college and lots of people use them.

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My siblings and I kept mattresses on the floor in our teens and twenties. We didn’t have problems with bugs or mold, and we live in New Jersey with hot, humid summers and the house did not have air conditioning. I found it quite comfortable and more supportive of my back.

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I’ve used mattresses on the floor for long periods in the past and never had a problem, inner sprung mattresses to be specific.

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As @johnpowell said it might promote the growth of mold but you can just lift the mattress up and lean against the wall in the morning after you wake up. This would be a solution to prevent molds. If you turn your mattress daily and change and launder your bed linen then there won’t be any bug issues too. In case there is mice or cockroaches then you need to be careful.

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No, if you don’t already have bugs, you won’t have to worry about them.

I suggest at least put a sheet o tarp on the floor under it.

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No, not directly.

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Putting down Flea and Bug retardant is another option.

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For me it is hard to roll out of bed on the floor without help from the wall.

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