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Why do some people like dark meat and some white?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) January 22nd, 2014

For chickens and turkey or most kinds of fowl, why do some people have a preference?. What is your favorite piece? Mine is duck, dark meat and thighs if possible because it has that loop of skin that rips off.

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I like the dark meat on all poultry because it is, IMHO, juicer and more flavorful. Some folks find it too greasy or “gamey”.

I also like white meat (breast) so long as it’s not overlooked and remains juicy.

And if you like duck, do yourself a solid and try magrett duck breast. Amazing.

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The different fowl and different cuts of fowl have different tastes and textures; so like all other edible things, there are variations between what people prefer.

I do not have a favorite. I’m OK with white meat, as long as it isn’t too dry. I’m OK with dark meat, as long as it isn’t too rubbery. I don’t like skin, unless it’s got crispy breading on it. I prefer chicken to turkey, and have had mixed experiences with duck. I have not had quail or pheasant or goose or poussin or cornish game hen enough times to express an opinion.

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I like the really well-done white meat the best. I guess that means dry, unless dry is just a result of bad cooking or something. I’m not sure, but whenever I cooked chicken breasts, they were dry and I certainly am no good cook. I hate the texture when it’s not “dry” because of the same reason (one of them) that i hate red meat that isn’t well-done. I hate that tender texture so much. It’s why I don’t really like dark meat, either. But I can bear dark meat. I can’t bear pink meat at all.
@cookieman What does “gamey” mean anyway?

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@dxs: I’ve heard people say that about meat that is as you describe, having a “tender texture”. As my wife says, “Too much like meat”. LOL.

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I prefer white meat, but I’ll eat a fried chicken leg in a heartbeat. I, like @dxs, don’t like my meat to be all that juicy. It’s a texture thing, I think. My husband will only eat dark meat, the fattier the better. Gross.

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The dark meat is greasier, so there is more flavor.
Some people don’t like the greasiness.

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I prefer white meat.

And I’m obsessive about cooking it to retain the juiciness. If we’re adding condiments, with chicken, I like cream sauces best. With turkey, a homemade giblet gravy or some cranberry sauce is awesome.

I’m not a fan of greasy, fatty meat. Makes my nose itch. Also, you can keep the skin, as well.

I’ll murder some chicken wings, though. Parm garlic sauce, please.

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It has to do with taste and what you grew up with.

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People like or eat what they think tastes better. Most people prefer white meat over dark because it’s healthier and some may hate the taste, texture and the greasiness of dark meat. I prefer dark meat because it’s more flavorful and tender. But I do like white meat especially chicken breasts and wings.

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I like dry white meat. Almost to the point of it being jerky. I am certain this is the result of my mother being a horrible cook.

And yeah, dark meat is to greasy. I don’t eat it.

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Taste buds, funny fuckers they are.

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I prefer the white meat on poultry and I’ll pass on the skin too, unless it’s grilled to the point of being burnt. Skin and dark meat has a slimy texture to it that I really can’t bear.

On the whole though, I’d rather have a lean, medium-rare steak.

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Wait, this isn’t some kind of metaphor for some more sinister agenda is it?

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I like dark meat. It is fattier, and therefore more moist. I have discovered that those who like dark meat also like the fattier cuts of steak, like rib-eye instead of New York strip. White meat fans like very lean meat.

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@rojo I’m starting to smell the racist overtones…

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I have always chosen dark meat over white because it is more saftig, but about a year ago I was a guest at dinner where turkey was served and I chose a few slices of breast as the dark was quickly disappearing. It was the most moist and tender turkey I’d ever tasted—juicy and full of flavor, much better than any dark meat. It was the cook. After sixty years of Thanksgivings, I had finally stumbled unknowingly upon a person who could cook a large bird. It was almost as good as goose. I always thought turkey breast was supposed to be drier than dark meat, but this woman, this expert home cook, showed me differently. So, if the cook is good, the white meat is the best choice, in my opinion.

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