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Do you think it's approptiate for a Fluther user to lie with nearly every answer?

Asked by YARNLADY (41469points) January 22nd, 2014

Do you think it’s appropriate, funny or entertaining to post fake answers that are mostly lies?

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Honestly, in the overall scheme of things, does it matter? It is only one answer of several and if it makes them feel better, does it really hurt anything?

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I think that a place like fluther would be a good place to try on a new persona.

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@rojo I suppose it never hurt Yahoo Answers, so maybe you are correct.

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Even if I tell you the truth, who will know that?

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@Mimishu1995 I’m talking about fake answers like I’m from another planet and we are on our way to destroy you”

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We have one quite prolific member who is well known for nonsense answers and weird and sick answers on all questions, regardless if they’re in General, Social, or Meta. I’m surprised when they say something that actually makes sense.

That particular person’s comments are tolerated, and very few people seem to notice by commenting, or to flag their comments because they’re inappropriate. I think it’s rather strange.

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@YARNLADY I’m talking about fake answers like I’m from another planet and we are on our way to destroy you”

That’s not really lying. We all know who you’re talking about here, and do you really think anybody actually believes this? When I tell you I killed some zombies yesterday, do you believe that? It can count as screwing around, trying to be funny, being a smartass, but I wouldn’t call such answers to be lies, unless the posters are really trying to make you believe this. It’s just nonsensical answers.

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I’m confused. I don’t have a clue as to the lucky prize winner being discussed here.

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I’m not convinced it’s a lie.

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The founders were so disappointed by the way their site turned out, they have started another one.

I’m just trying to get other Fluther users view on the nonsense answers. Is the “Class clown” type of answer funny or disruptive?

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I think it’s funny.

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I don’t think they were disappointed. They just have a new idea. I don’t find it disruptive at all. I think it adds character to the site. If we were all the same it would get boring quick.

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[mod says] Answers that are purely humorous or obvious lies should not be in General. If you spot any such answers in that section please flag them as Unhelpful.

Response moderated (Spam)
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It’s the internet. The internet = lies.

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It took me a while to realize that he/she/it was being facetious. Sometimes I’m still not even sure. What pissed me off was that he/she/it would post nonsense things in my questions (in General) and they would stay there since they were somehow vaguely related to my question, yet still unhelpful to me, the asker, if I can say so myself.
I find it stupid and pointless to be here if you’re just going to post nonsense everywhere all the time. Find another hobby if that’s the case.

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I admit guilt to occasionally posting something inappropriate for the General category. I do try to self regulate however.

Most of the time I access questions through the “Activity for you” category and if I am not paying attention I might not notice it is in the General question section. And, sometimes after I catch it I have to wonder why a particular question it is there in the first place since the answer is intuitively obvious. At least to me.

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I agree with @Judi in that, for the most part,I don’t mind the odd silly answer in and amongst the more serious answers. Sometimes it helps add some perspective when others are taking things too seriously.

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Using irony, parody or satire, no matter how grotesque or distasteful, is still just that. If a flutherer here has a penchant for th is rhetorical device, let it be. No one with any sense would take it as gospel or even being marginally serious.

The French coined the expression, ”Épater la bourgeoisie,” which means “to shock the middle class.”

Read some of Jonathan’s Swift’s more scatalogical poems; viz. He, of course, is not lying, but the line “Celia Celia Celia shits” is long remembered after the rest is forgotten.

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@gailcalled I have absolutely no idea why, but that kind of reminds me of how, apparently, Mozart was really big on low brow poop jokes when rubbing elbows with nobles and other high society folk.

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The French, G*d bless ‘em, also had a term for Mozart…“enfant terrible.”

I think that Sameul Johnson also liked poop and fart jokes.

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@dxs “What pissed me off was that he/she/it would post nonsense things in my questions (in General) and they would stay there since they were somehow vaguely related to my question, yet still unhelpful to me, the asker,”
[mod says] You can still flag those. Unhelpful is just as much not allowed in General as off-topic. Flagging is important because otherwise we might miss them.

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I just think it’s annoying and occasionally amusing.

Appropriate? It seems to be based on the individual preference.

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@downtide For the record, I did flag them. Oh well, it was a very useful thread anyway, so I should be proud of that.

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If they were flagged it probably means they were looked at and deemed to be within the rules.

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I never lie.

I think that people who do should be executed.

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<—Using irony, parody or satire, no matter how grotesque or distasteful.

edit: the above quote was taken from the jelly below me.

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^^ and additionally, stealing the good lines of others w/o attribution.

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I don’t mind, I think it’s funny most of the time. Part of Fluther, for me…like @Some_Ghost.

—I love @Some_Ghost.—-

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Jesus H. Christ.

Everyone! From now on, only technical questions may be asked, all answers must be formatted according to the latest version of the Chicago Manual of Style, and any responses made in jest will be punished via thumbscrews.

And don’t even think of having a personality.

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… or forget the tilde.~

Response moderated (Flame-Bait)
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Think of them as that wierd relative that each family has and tries to keep secret from the rest of the world but has to be tolerated at holiday get-togethers. Oh, and don’t leave them alone with the kids.

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@YARNLADY Are you talking about trolling? Then it depends on how I want the question to be answered. If I ask social questions just to have fun, then every trolling is welcome (I myself sometimes trolls :p). But if I ask questions to get information or to start a decent argument, then I won’t tolerate any kind of trolling and I will flag every single one of them!

@snowberry Are you talking about Mr. @Some_Ghost? To me, he’s a awesome troller. Even though most of his posts are fake, I always feel amused.

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@snowberry I think I know who you mean, and yeah I agree. If I even did a fraction of what they do (and I did already), I would have everybody all over me. This is one of the drawbacks of a close knit Q & A site with not a great deal of regular active users, it allows for foundations to be put in place that allow the more respected users to do whatever they want.

@Mimishu1995 No, it’s a more active user.

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