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Why did he talked to her but messaged me?

Asked by trinitymat (94points) January 22nd, 2014

Alright so this is a pretty complicated issue. My friend and I went to a concert and got to meet and hangout with the band afterwards. We talked to them, and it seemed like one of them was being very sarcastic and awkward with me but he was talking to my friend all the time, asking questions etc. I felt quite left out. Another one told me that he doesn’t like my hat, and the one nice one talked to my friend more than he talked to me, yet he messaged ME after the show and not her always asking “do you”. I just do not get this. I am kind of hurt because I felt left out all night, and they were kinda rude-ish with me. I do not get how someone is from a band, and treats a supposed fan rudely or kind of offensive-sarcastically. It doesn’t seem to be normal.

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You are much too sensitive! If you are going to allow your mood to be dampened by the obnoxious behavior of some knuckleheads in a band, you should brace yourself for a lifetime of depression.

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@stanleybmanly I don’t care about this much, I just like problems to solve :-)

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There is nothing but grief ahead for you, if you are looking for consistent, normal, polite behavior from rock musicians. There is no solution to the “problem” involved with “Why are some people jerks?”

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“Do you” normally means “Do what you feel is best for you” or “just follow your heart”. Now I don’t know why he send that message to you or what he meant. Not sure if he is trying to make you chase him. Better ignore his messages or confront him in person to know what he wants.
As per your information, this guy is totally a stranger. Many people come and go in our lives and it’s very natural some may behave well and some may be rude. Civility is scarce these days. Just ignore people who obviously don’t care about you, there’s more to life than wasting time thinking about such things or people.

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