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Why do questions sometimes get pushed to editing and sometimes not?

Asked by trinitymat (94points) January 23rd, 2014

I have two questions that needs editing because there’s misspelling. I flagged them myself since I want perfect questions on my page. None of them got pushed to editing. However, one of my questions did pushed to editing 4 times in a row because of each little error. Why the discrimination? I don’t understand it.

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Sometimes Fluther has the consistency of a runny egg, maybe the yolk’s on us.
I wouldn’t pay much attention to it though, not unless you really wanna.

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@ucme Yes I want to as it makes no sense. If I flag my own question and it doesn’t get sent to editing when there are obvious errors, then there’s a problem.

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I depends who’s on duty. The moderation team is staffed by volunteers who vary in availability, hours, and personal biases/preferences.

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[mod says] See my private message.

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Mods receive flags via their email inboxes. Mixed in with the flags are notifications about all kinds of other activity having to do with spam, most of it auto-generated. Just to give you an idea of the volume of email, I opened my mod email account in August, I think, and it now has over 19,000 messages in it. It’s very easy for a flag to get buried in all of that noise and go unnoticed, especially if it comes through at a time when a mod isn’t around for awhile.

It wasn’t this way a few years back. The spam traffic has become quite heavy. There are times when two solid pages of my mod gmail are just records of action against spam accounts. If a mod is just checking in quickly to see if there’s anything that needs urgent attention, they may not dig deep enough into the emails to see a particular flag. We all wish it weren’t that way. Short of overhauling the whole system (and realistically, that ain’t gonna happen), if you feel that a flag may have been missed you can always send a PM to a mod. That will show up both on their mod email and in their “Messages for You” box.

Once a Q is in the editing process, it can get bounced back and forth a few times between the mods and the user. That can be a frustrating experience on both ends, believe me.

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19,000 messages? My already huge respect for the mods just grew.

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Do the mods discuss it between themselves? Is there a final arbiter or is it first come, top dog?

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@rojo Most mod decisions are made independently by whoever happens to be around at the time, because most cases are pretty clear-cut. If there is any doubt, we do discuss it amongst the team and try to come to a consensus, or at least a majority opinion. I guess I’d be the final arbiter, but it very rarely comes to that.

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