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Do you think the goal of a political party should be to advance a candidate that represents the party's philosophy exactly, or should it be to advance a candidate that will win?

Asked by jca (35970points) January 24th, 2014

This question is not about Chris Christie but I am using Chris Christie as an example.

In discussing Chris Christie (Republican NJ Governor) with a Republican friend of mine, he said that Chris Christie is not “right wing” enough. I have heard other Republicans say similar things – I have heard Chris Christie called a Communist, stuff like that. I know that, at least until the Bridge-gate scandal broke, Democrats that I know say they like Chris Christie and would vote for him.

I feel like who cares if he is not right wing enough, if he wins, isn’t that the goal?

Republicans feel he does not represent their philosophy enough. Democrats feel like since he’s in the middle, they would consider voting for him.

Again, this is not a Chris Christie question, but he is the example that comes to mind to represent my question.

Should a political party’s goal be to advance a candidate that represents their ideals to the “T” or to advance a candidate that will win?

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