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If you had an iPad and then bought a mini, did you feel a need to keep both?

Asked by janbb (51185points) January 24th, 2014

I’m wondering about this for myself. So far, I love the mini, but I don’t know whether to keep the iPad 2 or sell it.

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You can either sell it or give it to someone(your brother, sister, parents or close friend) who would gladly accept your old iPad or may be you should try some of these methods.

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I don’t see why you could possibly need both. Isn’t the iPad mini just… An iPod?

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My mom has both because she uses each one for different things. She likes the mini for listening to music, GPS and that sort of thing. But she doesn’t like reading with it or doing any art work with it because the screen is too small so she uses the full size one.

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Make one a permanent fixture in your kitchen for cooking

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The older ipad would be a good hand-me-down for some other family member. My sister uses her old ipad for her daughter. There are plenty of educational apps out there.

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Yes, I can find someone to give it to if I decide I don’t need it. The question I have is whether I would have a use for the larger screen at times. I guess time will tell but I was just wondering about others’ experiences.

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I prefer watching movies and playing some games on the bigger screen. So, why not keep it?

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Keep in mind the resolution on the ipad mini (retina) and the ipad (retina) are the same. The info displayed will be the same. The pixels are just smaller on the mini.

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@johnpowell and @Juels Both of those make sense. I think I will keep it for a few months and see whether I want to have both.

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Shit.. I missed the ipad 2 part. That is non-retina. If you consider selling it I would be interested in buying it. My mom would like it and I would have to fix her computer less. sigh….

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@johnpowell Will keep that in mind. Have a local friend who might buy it also.

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I ended watching a Netflix last night in bed on the big iPad so I will probably keep it for that. It was quite satisfying on a winter’s night!

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