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What are some good DS games?

Asked by EnzoX24 (1986points) June 29th, 2008

Preferably multiplayer. I’ve had a DS for a while now, but haven’ started playing it until recently when I bought my girlfriend a DS and Pokemon. We’ve already played the hell out of Mario Kart DS and got bored of Animal Crossing. I’ve been out of the loop for a while now and have no idea wat kind of DS titles are out.

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new super mario bros. theres a lot of multiplayer minigames that are soooooooooo entertaining if you get bored of just normal mario. ANNDD the nintendo peeps are coming out with a guitar hero…or they already did…but the point is guitar hero is always fun…you should get that…

@martinez00anita is brain age multiplayer?

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Professor Layton and The Curious Village
Mario Kart DS
Diddy Kong Racing DS

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If you think you’d enjoy an air combat game, I have really enjoyed Freedom Wings and Spitfire Heroes. Freedom Wings can be multiplayer with just one cartridge. Neither game got very high ratings, but I liked them more than many highly rated games. Freedom Wings has been out for a couple of years, and Spitfire Heroes is new. It’s campaign mode is very short but rewarding.

I don’t know whether Picross DS has any multiplayer aspects to it, but it’s a great game as well.

Here’s a good source for DS game ratings—metacritic

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Anything in the Phoenix Wright series is fun.

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I like word games and I had
Brain Age
My Word Coach
Flash Focus
All were very good, I sold it when I got my iPod Touch, now I miss it, but when the app store open its doors, I don’t think I’ll miss it again, LOL good luck!

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Guitar Hero
Brain Age
I play with my daughter’s DS, and I like it!

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Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on a minute, are you saying Guitar Hero is avaliable on the DS?! I can’t see how that works, but if it does, I know which game I’m getting next!

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If I could give you a tip: buy an M3-card. It’s cheaper then buying all the games.
Take the M3 real! I bought one. It’s fantastic!

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Definately get guitar hero on tour (guitar hero DS)! It’s a really fun game with good tracks. Also I really like warioware touched although it’s not multiplayer compatible.

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Mario Party DS is a good multiplayer game because you only need one copy of the game in order to play with others (DS download play).

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I’ve played the Mario Party games on other systems and love it. I’ve just become rather cheap lately and have not bought myself any new and shiny games, but if I were to buy a game that would be the one.

It’s not multi player but I enjoy Diner Dash for the DS.

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the world ends with you has a nice multiplayer in it and it’s a blast of a JRPG. also, puzzelquest is fun.

ahh, otherwise there’s great titles like super princess peach, guitar hero, pokemon has a nice multiplayer as well…

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drawn to life
mario cart DS
and super mario DS

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my really favorite game is drawn to life! its fantastic! specially you love to pixel xD

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