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I slept all day and just woke up, what do I do now?

Asked by Mandeblind (420points) January 24th, 2014

So since it is freezing cold outside and also in my apartment, I slept in all day and just woke up. It’s 9 pm now. I do not know what to do! I can’t go out or anything, and I don’t feel like doing anything. I am shaking cold now and all I want to do is lay down with my blanket but that wouldn’t be so healthy. Help?

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Do whatever you want, who the hell cares?

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Well the problem is i have nothing I want to do.

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Read. Do the laundry. Clean up. Pay bills. do the dishes. Water the plants. Study. Write a resume. Send an email (not a text) to an old friend. Decide on 3 places you would like to visit this year. Do 10 situps and 10 pushups. Do 3 sets of 10 kegels.
This is life. Don’t waste it.

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If you want to lie down under a blanket, then do it, You can read, write, eat, meditate, have sex and do yoga breathing right there. Start chapter one of your novel, call your mom and other close relatives, memorize a poem, practice your public speaking exercises…

Put on a wool hat in order not to lose heat from your head. Why no heat in your apartment?

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Take a warm bath and cover yourself in a wet warm towel in the tub (hang it out to dry when finished), you can read, (I read the phone book yellow pages for pizza menus and what not, what services are available in my town.)

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Take a bath, have some warm soup and make your apartment cosy then read a book.

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Learn a foreign language or not.

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Go on FB and friend everyone in Wisconsin.

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If it was me, I’d be getting ready for work.

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since cold is coming through my windows, I am freezing so I can’t get up to do any of those

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If you can’t get up you just lie there and read a book, surf the web… there’s many things to do on the bed.
Or you can just get back to sleep. It’s not as unhealthy as you think.

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