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Is it normal for heat to work only in certain hours?

Asked by Mandeblind (420points) January 24th, 2014

So in my apartment, heat only works a couple of hours in total a day (I’d say 8). My landlord said “It’s not on in the daytime because most people aren’t in the apartment building anyway”.
I was wondering if this is normal. I asked all of my friends and they said their homes were hot. I am however wearing a hat, gloves and a snow coat inside my apartment right now.


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Where are you? If everyone else has some heat and you live in an area where heat in the winter is a given, it is not legal for the landlord to cut off the heat. How does he know who’s at home and who isn’t? “Most people” certainly isn’t “everyone.”

Check your lease; talk to your neighbors;

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@gailcalled I live in Manhattan. Right? It sounds absolutely ridiculous to me. He is this 25 year old man who doesn’t care about anything.

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His age is irrelevant. Land lords have legal responsibilities, among which is not turning their tenants into frosticles.

Landlord-tenants rights, NYC

Your rights as a tenant; NYC

Heating season laws in NYC

Finding these resources took me five minutes, and I am not even lying in bed.

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No it is not normal.

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I have set-back my house. 2 zones. The bedrooms are warmer from 5:30 am to 7:30 am when it is time to get up and get dressed. It gets warm again from 7 to 10 pm. the rest of the house is on a different schedule. It comes up around 7 am and gives a little extra during meal times. At night it drops way down.

Good advice from @gailcalled. If you are paying rent, you are entitled to heat. Look at the references she quoted.

Does the landlord pay for electricity? If, yes, then get a couple of $20 electric space heaters. They work wonders.

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Not OK. Check the landlord-tenant laws in your state. There is probably an agency that deals with this kind of stuff.

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