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What scene from any movie exemplifies the following economics terms?

Asked by sarahhughes1996 (127points) January 25th, 2014

I have to do a project in my Economics class where I have to find a scene from any movie that exemplifies the following economic terms: trade-off, opportunity cost, scarcity, and economizing.
My teacher defined these terms and gave an example of what we are supposed to do using the movie Finding Nemo.
Trade-off: What you give up in order to get something else (ex: lost his dad’s trust when he swam out to touch the boat)
Opportunity cost: Value of what was given up for what you wanted (ex: gained friends respect over the loss of his father’s trust)
Scarcity: lack of something (ex: lack of fish willing to swim out to touch the boat)
Economizing: making a decision (ex: either obey his dad or swim out and touch the boat).
Can you think of any movie scene that I can use?

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