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"I would rather die than..............."?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20117points) January 25th, 2014

end up homeless.

let cancer rip me to shreds.

What do you say?

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What’s the point we have to die sometime and it’s not death that I am afraid of, it’s the fact that I got to live another forty yeas and here’s the conundrum. I would rather die than living another forty years in poverty but I don’t want to die yet because there is always hope!
Using the line “I would rather die than…” is a way of saying that I have given up.

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antimatter, well said.

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[Troll answer]: I would rather die than face death.
[More sincere answer]: I would rather die than repeat all what I’ve said here to my parents.

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I would rather die than become a vegetable…
I would rather die than become an amputee.
I would rather die than be def, mute or blind.

That’s kind of a big question.

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Drive cross-country with my ex.

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I hate that saying. It’s usually said by some immature little girl and goes something like this, “Oh my gawd! I’d rather die than go out with him!” Oy. But if we’re being serious, the only thing I’d rather die than do is suffer a longer, more painful death. The only thing worse than death is a worse death.

@AshLeigh “I would rather die than be def, mute or blind.”

Really? You’d rather die than not be able to hear? Life isn’t worth living if you simply can’t see anymore? Wow, I’m sure all the deaf or blind people living full, satisfying lives would be interested to hear that they’re living a fate worse than death.

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…see my kids die before me.

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I would rather die than eat a cow or a pig or bird or goat or any animal for that matter.

I just can’t logically love my dog, my guinea pig and my cat and then be a hypocrite to all other animals.

Also I would pull a hero move if I had to for my daughter, mother and the animals. I protect them first.

About the blind deaf thing. That is not actually true. My husband was blind due to malpractice. I’m not getting into that, but his life was completely full before he lost his sight which was ripped from him.

Until his dying day, years later he was still not living a full life and still wishing he could have his old life back dreaming about the days when he played football and saved peoples lives like mine. He felt useless. And I do think he was confused and depressed.

Anyway I don’t want to talk about much more it but I do think his going blind ultimately took his life. So I do believe that some people would rather die than go blind.

When you are born that way it’s totally different. If it’s taken from you and you have those feelings maybe it’s PTSD or something. Idk.

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Outlive my children or grandchildren.

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Lose my children or grandchildren.

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be a vegetable on machines
have my children die

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Grow old with Alzheimer’s Disease, or any degenerative form of dementia.

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I’d rather die than go blind.

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Than outlive my children.

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Listen to Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus.

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Than have my body controlled by political religious nut.

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@livelaughlove21, worse than death is subjective. Every blind or def person I’ve ever met was born that way, so in a way they don’t know exactly what they’re missing.
For me, it would be worse than death. My life would never feel like enough without things that require being able to hear, see and speak. I am an artist. I love art, and beautiful things. I play instruments and sing. I listen to music, read and all kinds of things I wouldn’t want to live without. It may sound like nothing to you, but for me it feels like the world.

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….to be blind AND deaf.

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@anniereborn Now that would be awful. I just feel like saying that being blind or deaf is worse than being dead is awful, artist or not. People live full, happy lives after the loss of a sense. Saying “I’d rather die than be in your shoes” is pretty insulting. My husband has a degenerative retinal disease and he’ll most likely be blind one day. It’ll be no walk in the park, but I’m glad he doesn’t have the attitude that he may as well be dead than blind.

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I think I did a pretty good job of explaining myself before, so being offended is your own problem. But saying that I’m “awful” because of the things I value in my life is a little over the top. Saying that I can’t do it is not an insult to those who can.

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@AshLeigh The fact that I find it offensive doesn’t mean I’m personally offended. I’m neither blind nor deaf, so I have no reason to be offended. I didn’t say you were awful, either. I said the statement was awful. Maybe brushing up on reading comprehension would be helpful.

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@livelaughlove21 Saying “I’d rather die than be in your shoes” is pretty insulting.

You know what else is insulting, telling people that what fears or thoughts they may have about something is invalid because you think it is. Maybe some can live with blindness, and perhaps others would rather die. What’s the problem? You’re not the authority on what’s worse than what for others.
I’m pretty sure @AshLeigh wasn’t trying to insult anyone. She was speaking about herself, not your husband.

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@Symbeline I never said she was talking about my husband. That’s ridiculous. And I made sure to say, “I just feel that.” I have the same right to an opinion as she does. No reason to get butthurt over it. It just made me think, what if we were talking about something like being handicapped in another way? I’d feel pretty horrible saying I’d rather die than be in a wheelchair in a place where a disabled person might see that. Someone deaf could quite easily see this, and it struck me as potentially offensive. No one said @AshLeigh is a horrible person for not wanting to be blind or deaf (who would want that?), but saying life would not be worth living if you couldn’t hear seemed odd to me. That’s just me. I sincerely hope she never experiences either, because she clearly wouldn’t take it in stride like many do.

I’m not going to continue arguing about something like this. It’s gone too far as it is. Peace.

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If anyone seems butthurt here, it’s you.
Of course you can have your opinion. Did I say otherwise? Find where I did. It’s not because I spoke against it that I’m saying you’re not allowed to say it, wtf dude lol. :)

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I’m not arguing, and if this has gone too far, it’s only because you took it too far. I’ve only defended myself after being insulted, and tried my best to explain myself when you asked. I’m sorry if you took any of this as an insult, because I never intended to hurt anyone’s feelings.
I have tremendous amounts of respect for anyone who can go on happily living without seeing or hearing, but I wouldn’t be able to do it. That isn’t an insult. I never said that it was worse than death for everyone. I said it was for me. Was that not the question?

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@livelaughlove21 :/ And now I’m offended. Did you not read my comment?
“because she clearly wouldn’t take it in stride like many do.”
My husband is dead, thank you very much, because he “clearly” couldn’t take it in stride like many do.

I know you mean well, but think logically. We are all human beings and we all have different situations in life and different ways of coping. You can’t box ‘most’ let’s say for the sake of this conversation ‘people in wheel chairs’ as coping with it or taking it in stride. Outward appearances are very powerful. Being stripped of your pride, your dignity and your manhood or womanhood is hard even for the most confident person. Put a blindfold over your eyes and try to live like that for 1 day, because my husband did it, and that is exactly how it happened for him the hospital killed his optic nerves and this was preventable! Anyway, eventually you get to take the blindfold off, or you can just choose to not even put it on for that matter.

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Apparently I would rather die than sell my motorcycle. I found that out after a very, very close call and a couple of days considering it.

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